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Send the Right Dating Signals

by Kimberly Johnson
Send the Right Dating Signals

Smile Send the Right Dating Signals

A smile is a universal signal in every culture that tells people you like something about them. It’s often an invitation that says, “Come closer.” If both people smile at each other, a connection has begun. A smile speaks volumes whether you are in a face-to-face in a conversation or caught someone’s eye from across a crowded room. An attractive smile is your greatest asset.

Eye Contact Send the Right Dating Signals

Nothing draws someone in like eye contact. To enhance the possibility of attracting someone you are interested in, wear a piece of clothing or an accessory that is the exact color of your eyes. If your eyes are blue and your shirt is the same color of blue, it’s hard for anyone to turn away from you (ditto for brown or green eyes). Flirt! No matter the stage of a relationship, flirting with your eyes is a powerful way to spark interest:

  • Make friendly eye contact that lasts just a little longer than regular
  • Drop your eyes when you see you have connected
  • Look back up and gaze a little longer with the hint of a smile


You’ve made eye contact and a smile connection… now it’s time to start a conversation. Don’t be put off if they aren’t also moving toward you. Many people are shy and will stand frozen, hoping you will send more signals.
If you are attracted to the person and he or she isn’t saying much but is smiling and blushing, keep talking and the shyness will melt.

The Arm Touch

If your conversation is going well, a light touch on the arm is the best way to signal interest. When you laugh, reach out and touch the person’s forearm, hand, or shoulder. That one simple touch releases the tension between two people who are feeling drawn to each other.
Ultimately, conversation is an opportunity to find more about one another and what the two of you connect on. Work in the positive body language to communicate interest without saying a word.
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