Travel and Work After 50: How to Become a Nomadic Travel Writer

Asian senior man using mobile phone on airplane

Many people think that becoming a nomadic traveler when you are 50 is impossible. All the fault is the stereotypes the modern world is driven by. Indeed, the younger generation prevails among the nomads. However, your age shouldn’t be an obstacle. After all, if to consider the understanding of the term nomadic, then there is no indication of age. This is just a person who moves from one place to another. But where to start this journey and in which direction to move? In this article, you will find actionable tips, so that you can take the first step into

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Air Travel Tips for Seniors With Health Mobility Issues

Close Up Of Businesswoman Sitting In Airport Departure With Female Colleague In Wheelchair

Unlike younger people, air travel takes a really serious toll on seniors’ bodies, especially if they have health mobility issues. You have to consider the strain of those long terminal walks, disruptions to mealtimes, sitting for so long within a closed space, and the crowd around can affect them physically. So, you really have to be prepared for this physical strain.  All of these can also affect you in some ways; you will have to consider how far you can accompany them in the airport if they can go on the plane with their wheelchairs, what would happen in case

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