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How to Read Body Language

by Jeff Dailey
How to Read Body Language

New studies prove that between 80-93% of all communication is non-verbal, proving the majority of what we say isn’t coming out of our mouths. Do you know how to read body language? How to Read Body Language

Body language that expresses positive interest may include:

  • They lean in towards you. How to Read Body Language
  • They point their feet toward you.
    • Hint: A man will subconsciously point his belly button at the one he is most attracted to even if he is talking to someone else.
  • They uncross their legs.
  • They playfully fondle jewelry or hair.
  • They smooth shirt sleeve or collar.
  • They smile, often. How to Read Body Language
  • They hold prolonged eye contact.
    • Hint: Many women, when attracted to a man, cannot hold eye contact as long as their male counterpart and therefore may gaze down shyly.

Body language that reflects he/she is not interested may include:

  • They lean away from you.
  • They point their feet away from you — in another direction.
  • They cross their legs and/or arms.
  • They are not smiling and may even have a slight frown or hint of grimace.
  • They are not focusing on you, but turning eyes away and continually glancing around the room.How to Read Body Language

By looking out for these subtle non-verbal signals, one can more easily decipher what their date is really saying. Focus on your own body language as it can speak volumes and be aware of how you carry yourself. How to Read Body Language

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