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Legal Guide for Slip And Fall Accidents

by Jeff Dailey
Legal Guide for Slip And Fall Accidents

Even though they happen all the time, slip and fall accidents can result in legal proceedings where the harmed party looks for damages from the proprietor of the premises. This occurs when that person is hurt during the accident. Usually, injuries are suffered when elements such as oil, water, ice and snow can contribute to hazardous walking conditions. In addition, sudden changes to walking surface, for example concealed hazards, lack of proper lighting and unseen holes. These mishaps are categorized under personal injury. Legal Guide for Slip And Fall Accidents
Legal Guide for Slip And Fall AccidentsUsually a person slips and takes a tumble when your stride fails. This is when you slip and fall. Although there are other associated mishaps for example step and fall when there is an unseen hole in your path. Stump and fall is one more instance that happens when there is an obstacle in the path. Trip and fall is a final example and it is quite similar as stump and fall. It happens when there is an unexpected thing in a usually clear route.
If any of these happens to you when you are in another persons property, then you can file a claim for compensation on the injury sustained. This also means that if you are a property owner, you should be prepared in case a person is injured within your property.
Anyway, what are the steps to take when you suffer an accident? Firstly, you must report the accident immediately. Your report should include details of what transpired and if there are eyewitnesses who saw what happened. If it happened outside, you must also include pertinent details such as the weather, if light was good or poor and concealed hazards. Bear in mind that a well-timed report of such events is not required by the law but it is good practice, which helps all relevant parties.
A crucial measure is to get medical care at once in the event you suffered a considerable injury. This will substantiate your personal injury claims. Should you defer seeking medical care, the premises owner might use it in his defense in that the injury was not inflicted while you were at their property but instead after you had left their property.
Although most simple cases can be handled personally, it is important to hire lawyer to help you in case you have to go to court. Remember there is no exact way of determining that the property owner should be the one to compensate you for an injury that occurred at his premises. Legal Guide for Slip And Fall Accidents
The lawyer can do a better job defending your case as both parties are liable to a certain extent, for the injury. As much as it is the responsibility of the owner to preserve safety in his property, you should also be attentive.
In general some hazards leading to slip and fall accidents are very hard to anticipate. This means that having a lawyer to asses your case fully, you can be sure whether you stand any chance of compensation or not. Remember, most will take the cases by contingency fee meaning that even if you lose, you will not suffer additional losses in terms of lawyer fees.
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Legal Guide for Slip And Fall Accidents

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