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Before You Buy, Know Meaning Each Flower Type

by Jeff Dailey
Before You Buy, Know Meaning Each Flower Type

Before You Buy, Know Meaning Each Flower Type

Meaning of Flower TypesBefore you buy flowers for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, consider the meaning of the flower. Listed here are some of the flowers that are most commonly linked with love: Before You Buy, Know Meaning Each Flower Type
Ambrosia: reciprocated love
Baby’s Breath: innocence
Delphinium: an ardent lover, representation of eager affection
Forget-me-not: Faithful love, an unforgettable lover
Gardenia: secret or beautiful love, a destined love
Hyacinth (purple): asking for forgiveness
Ivy: Celtic symbol of fidelity and wedded love, particularly when accompanied by oak.
Jasmine: amiability
Jonquil: returned affection, love, desire
Lavender: loyalty
Myrtle: Hebrew symbol of marriage, suggests eternal loyalty
Orchid: beauty and refinement. A Chinese symbol of fecundity and happy togetherness.
Primrose: an admission of complete love and surrender – ‘I can’t live without you.’
Sunflower: pride and happiness
Tulip: Declaration of love and honesty.
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January – Carnation
Red carnations show admiration and pinks profess the thought ‘I will never forget you.’ White means sweet love, but purple indicates fickleness and yellow is a herald for disdain. As a flower, the carnation simply means a fascinated love.
February – Violet
Simplicity and demureness. They can also be seen as a promise of faithfulness.
March – Daffodil
Symbol of high regard and respect. Also known as the flower of chivalry.
April – Sweet pea
The flower of happiness and bliss, often associated with delightful outings and innocently lavish pleasures (such as picnics)
May – Lily of the Valley
A flower for a particularly sweet, quiet, innately
graceful woman. The first of these flowers were said to have sprung from the first tears of Eve when God expelled Adam and Eve from Eden.
June – Rose Love, loyalty and friendship. The colours of roses are identical in meaning to the list of colours given above.
July – Larkspur
Offers an open heart with no conditions or secrets. A bunch purple Larkspur can mean a first true love, or the new beginnings of an old love.
August – Gladiolus
An assertion of sincerity, as a recognition of a bold or strong person or as a demonstration of bold and fierce love.
September – Asters
Asters suggest a dainty or graceful lover, and undying love. The name comes from the Latin word for ‘star,’ because it was believed that the smoke from the burning plant would drive away evil.
October – Calendula
The calendula indicates joy, gracefulness and contentment. This flower also denotes a lover who is ambitious and successful as a recognition of their general success.
November – Chrysanthemum
Red chrysanthemums indicate true love, while white chrysanthemums represent honesty in love. As a symbol, the flower represents optimism and hope
December – Narcissus
Pride and boldness, is a very formal flower which denotes an almost aloof expression of interest and affection.

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