Does Eating Organic Make a Difference?

If you’ve ever wondered if organic food really is better for you, there’s a large new study with another answer. Researchers published their findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association in December 2018.  The researchers followed 68,946 French adults for an average of 5 years each. They wanted to know if the adults who ate organic food most often had less risk of cancer than those who ate it least often. By the end of the study, here’s what they found:  The people who ate organic food most often had a 25% less risk of getting cancer than

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6 Nutrient Deficiencies Common in Older Adults 

Senior Man Taking Medicine

Just like bricks fit together to make a building, vitamins and minerals fit together to make your body strong and stable. But remove a few minerals here and a few vitamins there, and that stable structure becomes flimsy and weak! This may not surprise you. But what may surprise you is just how nutrient-deficient older populations really are... Researchers recently investigated this issue. They pored over studies on the habitual dietary intake of adults 65 years and older across 20 Western countries. Afterward, they published their findings in the British Journal of Nutrition (BJN). Turns out, those who are 65+

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4 Health Dangers of Farmed Fish


Could your body be swimming in toxins thanks to a “healthy” meal? It may well be, if you believe the old adage “you are what you eat”! Especially when it comes to the fish you buy. So, do you know where your fish comes from? There are two kinds of fish you should know about: farmed and wild. Farmed fish is just as it sounds: raised in an aquatic farm setting with unnatural conditions. And wild fish is, well, wild fish caught in open waters. Unless you know precisely where the fish in your salmon fillet, tuna melt, or even

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