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5 Ideas for Spring Time Dates

by Kimberly Johnson

5 Ideas for Spring Time Dates

JA@Spring… the weather is perfect and everything is in bloom. It is also the perfect time to try out something new, so why not start with casual day date around where you live. There are several things to see and do during this time of year, and it’s a time to enjoy yourself and your significant other (or potential significant other).
Going out of your way to think of creative, unusual dates to go on shows that you put a lot of thought into it – after all, the thought counts most, right? Here are five ideas for a casual spring dates.
Farmer’s Market
A farmer’s market is a great way to flash your green thumb, look at quirky things or share your passion for cooking with your date. You have the advantage of being in a crowd so that you are more comfortable and there is always something to look at so hopefully there will not be any awkward silence.
Art Walks
If you like art and culture, then an art walk is the perfect place for a first date. Discuss art and philanthropy with your date and you should be able to keep the conversation flowing throughout the night.
Cooking classes
Ladies love a man who knows their way around the kitchen (and surprise! Men love women who can cook too), and this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your cooking skills in a fun environment. The willingness to step outside your comfort zone will not go unnoticed, and you are sure to impress your date because you thought of such a unique date idea.
Hiking or Walking Trails
Hiking and walking trails or at the beach or a lake are perfect for the weekend. Dating experts agree that men disclose more about themselves when you are side by side rather than facing each other. Not only will you be physically challenging yourself as well as getting fresh air, you also can enjoy the beautiful scenery and good conversation a walking or hiking trail has to offer.
Now that the weather is warm enough to enjoy the water, a harbor or lake cruise is the perfect sunset date idea. Enjoy one another’s company or invite a group of friends – advantage: you get to meet their friends with little to no pressure.

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