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Safe Driving Tips for Seniors

by Kendall VanBlarcom

Many people are reluctant to give up driving, which makes sense since driving can be a signifier of independence. If that is true for you or someone you love, know that you can identify strategies to help you or your loved. Then, it is possible to stay on the road, safely, for longer.

Plan Ahead

Just as with other changes in life, a little planning ahead can go a long way. So, while continued driving is the goal, one of the safe driving tips for seniors is to acknowledge that someday you may not be able to do so.

So, for example, when you are out doing shopping, notice ways to get your shopping done without traveling for a long distance. Maybe there is a market nearby you’ve never tried, or your favorite store might offer delivery. Similarly, take notice of carpool opportunities and let your friends and family know you are interested in sharing rides. This way, even while you are still driving on your own, you won’t need to do so 100% of the time.

Evaluating Your Driving

When considering a senior’s driving fitness, try asking professionals. Every driver needs good vision, healthy hearing, and awareness of how to manage any physical limitations or chronic conditions. Discuss the topic of driving at doctors’ appointments, when seeing therapists, and in family conversations. It can be awkward at first, but once the communication lines are open, the senior you love may find relief in being able to talk about the issue candidly.

After all, safe driving tips for seniors can come from the senior themselves. Once you are talking about their concerns, they might voice their own preferences. For example, an older adult may ask for help driving at night, or they might prefer to have a family member drive them to a weekly event for company. There are many senior transportation options to explore.

Stay Engaged with Safe Driving Tips for Seniors

Every adjustment in life can be uncomfortable, but as we age it can be essential to talk through the changes ahead. For some older adults, it may be time to stop driving completely. Both for their own safety and the safety of others. In different situations, implementing a few safe driving tips for seniors might allow the older adult you love to drive for a while longer on their own.

Whatever your situation, talk through feelings that come up. Enlist friends and family members to help the older driver you love to make these changes with confidence. Plus, know there are always professionals to talk to, therapists and counselors like Kendall who are familiar with the concerns and fears of senior citizens and older adults.

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