Isolated? Try this new FREE Senior Website to Connect to Loved Ones

With seniors around the country facing isolation during COVID-19 lockdowns, the Birdsong Tablet, a senior focused tablet, is available in a FREE WEB VERSION accessible with only a web browser helping keep seniors connected to family and engaged during the pandemic. Birdsong features include:  No-phone-needed video chat helping seniors connect with loved ones visually Senior-friendly TV, movie and music ranging from Jack Benny, Milton Berle and Beverly Hillbillies episodes to songbooks to Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby greatest hits Word games such as Boggle, Hangman and crosswords as well as card games, number games, memory games, puzzles and trivia Travelogues, virtual museum tours, TED Talks and other educational content

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Nordic Walking For Seniors

Happy seniors walking with trekking poles

Such a sport as Nordic walking (with walking poles) quickly gained popularity all over the world. And it's no wonder - exercise minimizes and eliminates a wide range of health problems and serves as a prophylactic for heart disease. However, such training requires appropriate conditions: A pleasant view outside; A convenient path; Quality equipment.   What are the benefits of the exercise? This sport has a simple technique and does not require special training. Among other things, it is recommended for people over the age of 60 and pregnant women. However, the effect that Nordic walking has on the whole

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How Friends Keeps Us Young at Heart

Staying socially active enriches our lives, and creating intergenerational friends keeps us young at heart and mind. But, how does an older person create a mutually beneficial relationship with someone a decade or so younger without making them feel like they're being groomed to be the absent child? I've always had older and younger friends. I've been lucky that way and now that I'm older, and have no children, I don't worry that a younger friend will ever feel like I treat her or expect her to take the role of my (absent) child, nor would I want to be

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3 Super Useful Summer Tips for Seniors

Seniors Drinking Water After Fitness In Park

Summer tips for seniors can be a practical reminder for staying safe, healthy, and happy as the temperatures soar. Whether you like to stay active, enjoy local tourist activities, or take a road trip, the following tips will help you enjoy the hotter months. 1. Hydrate (with personalized flavors) You’ve probably heard this before: During the summer months, make sure you drink extra water. It’s sound advice, as the human body must stay hydrated to stay healthy. By the time you feel thirsty, you’re already in a state of dehydration. Your fluid intake does not have to be extreme—just consistent.

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10+ Ways to Connect and Care During COVID-19

Senior woman talking on phone

As our elders stay inside their homes, their apartments and their residential communities, we search for ways to connect with them as well as to make their lives and their care better. Here are 10+ ways to connect and care for your elders during this unprecedented time. Some are simple, but simple works right now. Engage with Them: Send a note or card in the mail. Include a photo, a drawing, or news clipping that you want to share. Elders love getting snail mail. Ask them to write you a story that they’ve never told you before. If your elder

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How Online Support Can Help with Social Distancing

Senior woman standing alone at home

Social distancing is when individuals maintain an increased physical distance from one another. It is used to help communities minimize contagious diseases by reducing the possibility of infection. This is important to our physical health. The problem is maintaining one’s mental health while social distancing. Humans are social animals, so it feels unnatural to stay away from others. It can underscore feelings of loneliness. Reach out for personal online support if you feel a lack of social connections is impacting your wellbeing. Ways People Feel When Isolated People are unique and they can have different emotional responses to social distancing.

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How to Help Seniors in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Old man wearing facemask

COVID-19, coronavirus, plain old ‘corona’ – whatever you want to call it, it’s a pandemic with serious ramifications. However, there is already a lot of misinformation out there – good-natured or otherwise – spanning topics ranging from kitchen remedies to home testing. As you may have heard, older adults are among the groups most at-risk of both catching the virus, and suffering fatally. That’s why we’ve written this article about the best ways to help them. With all these suggestions and instructions flying around, it can be hard to get a grip on the best course of action. That’s why

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Physiotherapy For Elders: 7 Powerful Balance Exercises For Seniors

senior sportswoman exercising and doing lunges on lawn in park

Increasing balance and developing strength are two things that we should all be concerned about. However, we are many times too busy to consider including these activities into our schedules. As time passes, we realize that we need to be strong to take care of our own bodies and – well, health. To avoid injury, we need to feel confident when walking and be used to working out regularly. This is why we developed a list of seven powerful balance exercises for seniors. Check them out and let’s talk about it! Walking heel to toe If you’re wondering how ‘walking

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How to Increase Your Self-Motivation

Cheerful seniors exercising on mats at park

Motivation occurs under many circumstances, but when you experience natural inspiration as a result of energy from your spirit, that’s when you’ll feel exuberant and eager to willingly devote time to your interests. Self-motivation helps when you’re trying to lose weight, become more invested in a goal for your future, quit an addiction, or even something as simple as getting your chores done. Boost Your Positive Thinking When you’re driven by daily goals and routines, motivation can be challenging if it doesn’t come naturally. You need a positive mental outlook. Train yourself to avoid negative thinking. Also, create a list

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