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What to Do When Your Aging Loved One Is An Unsafe Driver

I owned and operated a transportation service for seniors in Los Angeles for eight years. One of the biggest challenges the aging population faces is the reality that they may be unsafe drivers. But what do you do if you live in a city like Los Angeles where everyone drives and its tough to get around if you don’t? Or worse, what do you do if your aging parent is in denial about their unsafe driving?

I have spoken to hundreds of seniors and eldercare providers on the importance of having the “driving” conversation with aging parents before its too late. I’m finally sharing my popular workshop with everyone in this new eBook, “Taking the Keys Away from Elderly Parents.”  You can get it here on Amazon:  Taking the Keys Away from Elderly Parents: How to Help Your Parents Give Up Driving and Set Them Up for Success

If you are dealing with an aging parent who is an unsafe driver, you need this book. I help you recognize the signs of unsafe driving, the challenges of elderly drivers and how you can help your aging parent transition from driver to permanent passenger. I also share transportation resources to set your family up for success.


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Kathy Macaraeg has worked closely with seniors and their families for the past seven years and counts many 80+ year old women as he closest friends. She created http://www.caregivingmadeeasy.com as a way to share the knowledge she gained from her clients and their families with those struggling with caregiving challenges. Kathy lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons.

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