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Top 5 Online Resources for active UK Seniors

by seniorne

With more and more seniors becoming proficient and confident as far as getting online is concerned, it is worth noting that there is a wide variety of resources available via the internet that can help them to get as much as possible out of their active lives.

Staying active and doing as much as possible to stay fit has been proven to help elderly people look and feel younger, enabling them to continue to live independent, full lives. Exercise guidance, tips and ideas specifically geared towards these people are all available to peruse in a variety of locations online, some of which may be well-known, some of which might not be.

British Seniors
The British Seniors brand is all about celebrating Britishness and those of an advanced age, and to that end the company devotes a great deal of time to suggesting things for seniors to do around the country so they can get out and about. Their “30 great British things to do when you retire” is perfect in this regard, with options like sailing, walking, sightseeing and so on highlighted to enable seniors to experience new things and prove that life doesn’t stop once you reach retirement age.

Ramblers Online
With walking one of the best ways of staying active into retirement age (in addition to being one of the best ways to see the country and indulge historical and cultural interests), it’s always a good idea to discover a new trail or route whenever you can. Ramblers Online is a database that has thousands of trails and walks around the British countryside listed for users to download (it’s a small monthly fee to access any routes longer than three miles) for reference when they’re out and about.

NHS exercises for older people
It’s worth remembering that you can exercise and remain fit without ever needing to leave the house or invest in any exercise equipment. The NHS is obviously a fantastic resource for anything health-related, and its website features an interactive tool that lists different stretches and exercises (some with light weights) for people to improve their strength, flexibility and balance. With clear instructions and visual demonstration, this is a key resource for those who would prefer to exercise indoors.

Age UK travel guide
Being active doesn’t necessarily mean doing exercises and running marathons – it can just as easily mean having the ability and desire to go on holiday and experience different parts of the world. Age UK has a great deal of suggestions for different types of holiday for elderly people, from escorted tours and cruises to solo traveler holidays of all kinds and those that prioritize mobility and care, with links to different travel agent websites.

Help Guide
This Help Guide elderly fitness article takes the same sort of tack as all of the content on the Help Guide site – in-depth and knowledgeable, it covers everything from common myths about exercising at advanced ages to building up a fitness regime if you’ve never done so before, as well as suggesting other resources to peruse for further information. As a starter guide for beginners to regular exercise, Help Guide is perfect.

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