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Smart Ride: Go Anywhere with a Phone Call

by Kimberly Johnson
Smart Ride: Go Anywhere with a Phone Call

Have you found yourself unable to go around now that you can no longer drive? Taxis can be expensive, and public transportation is a hassle. Uber offers an alternative to taxis, with cheap fares and friendly drivers. Many seniors would like to use Uber, but either don’t have a smartphone or are unable to use the app. Smart Ride: Go Anywhere with a Phone Call
Smart Ride is a new service that allows you to use Uber without a smartphone. Instead of using the Uber app, with Smart Ride you can order a ride by a phone call. Take advantage of all the great features of Uber with an easy-to-use service.

  • Go wherever you want, 24/7 with a phone call
  • Payment is automatic by credit card, and you don’t have to worry about tipping the driver
  • Feel ensured about your safety, as every Uber ride is tracked and stored


Smart Ride was created for a 95-year-old grandmother who needed to stop driving. Now she uses Smart Ride to go to the grocery store, doctor, and beauty parlor any time she wants, with just a phone call.

An In-Demand Service

38% of seniors own a cell phone which is not a smartphone, meaning that these seniors are not able to use Uber. Considering the fact that many seniors who need Uber the most might not be able to use a smartphone, Smart Ride provides an important service to bring the benefits of Uber to an older audience.
Want to try Smart Ride yourself, or do you know someone who could use the service? It’s easy to get started. Simply visit Smart Ride’s website at www.gosmartride.com and sign up for a 30-day free trial. After that, Smart Ride is only $5 a month (regular Uber fares apply), and you can cancel anytime. Compared to other services which charge an additional $3-5 per ride, Smart Ride is both a cheap and simple option.

After you sign up, you can call your Smart Ride phone number anytime you want to order a ride to one of your saved locations.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact Smart Ride at gosmartride@gmail.com.

Smart Ride: Go Anywhere with a Phone Call

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