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Staying Fit and Enjoying Golf

by Jeff Dailey

shutterstock_23159929Staying Fit and Enjoying Golf
One of the most common reasons that people have for engaging in a particular sport is getting fit. Aside from their love of a particular sport, regularly doing it gives them something to do which requires physical exertion. Not only is engaging in sports good for your health, it works wonders for your mind and spirit as well. Staying Fit and Enjoying Golf
So how about when it comes to the sport of golf? The benefits of playing golf actually works both ways as far as fitness is concerned. You can keep fit while playing the game, or play the game to stay fit. Whether it’s a need for fitness or a love of the sport that keeps you hooked on golf, it is a hundred percent fun to learn how you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Getting A-Grade Fit for Golf

There are a lot of golf enthusiasts who take their love of the game a bit too seriously. Aside from getting the best custom fitted golf equipment, the latest golf gadget or even a classic Callaway wristwatch, the one thing that you should not forget is getting your body fit to actually go out and play the game.
Whether you’re a newbie, an intermediate-level or professional player, you need to make sure that you are physically fit so that you can give it your all during a game. It is interesting to note which parts of a golfer’s body is usually susceptible to injury: shoulders, the lower back and the hips – although injuries on the wrists, hands, elbows and knees are also common.
To prevent such injuries from occurring, make sure to keep your body in tip-top shape by exercising prior to putting around the green in your golfing gear.

Golf Fitness Exercises, Anyone?

Again, playing golf and being on top of your game is all a matter of ensuring that you are as fit as you can be. Here are the types of golf fitness exercises that you can do:
Cardiovascular Exercises
When you go golfing, you usually would have a long walk ahead of you. Cardiovascular exercises are necessary so that you can build up your stamina and endurance. Even with the help of a golf cart, your stamina will be tested especially if you and your buddies become embroiled in the spirit of the game – so do those cardio exercises!
Strength Training Exercises
Strength training is important if you want to put some integrity in your golf swing. Although control is something that golfers exercise when putting, making that initial golf swing does require a lot of strength.
Stretching Exercises
Finally, make sure to do some stretching exercises to enhance your flexibility in the green. Pay special attention to your lower back muscles and abs so that it will be easier for you to bend at any point during the game. Finally, after warming up, make sure to perform some cool down exercises that will allow your muscles and tendons to recover.
Follow these golf fitness tips so that you can play your best on the green, and make purchasing those custom-fitted golf clubs that you may have extremely worthwhile as you improve your game!
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