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Avoiding the Senior Moment in Your Backswing

Avoiding the Senior Moment in Your Backswing

Avoiding the Senior Moment in Your Backswing

Avoiding the Senior Moment in Your BackswingI cannot tell you how many times I have heard people use the old “senior moment excuse” when they hit a poor shot on the golf course.  Many times this happens simply because of deficiency of the short term attention span and not a lack of ability or degeneration of ability.
I am going to give you one very quick and easy idea that will help with this “faux” crutch.  It’s time to throw away the shackles and regain your attention span.
Ready, here it is; I want you to get a newspaper or magazine, something with a color picture. I want you to make sure the picture you have chosen has a few objects, 4 or 5 and 4 or 5 different colors.
Now I want you to start slowly okay, we don’t want to pull a muscle!
Take this photo/picture and for 30 seconds I want you to stare at this picture and I want you to concentrate and like a person who has never seen something like this before, discover everything about this picture that you can, do this uninterrupted for at least 30 seconds.  While you look at this see how many different things are in the picture, the colors. The textures, the designs, the depth of the field the photographer or artist used while capturing or painting the shot.
The idea is to keep your mind engaged in this single, focused activity for a period of time without being distracted. If you find you lose focus, simply start over. The goal is to do it for a solid 30 second time frame.
You may find it easier, when you begin this drill/exercise that you will want to do this in a quiet room. Then as you find you are able to do this with a simple picture, one with 4 or 5 distinct objects and colors, you will want to make the task more complicated, building your ability to focus and concentrate for a period of time.
The way to do this is before you add a more complicated photo; I would like you to add outside distractions. This may be something as simple as a radio playing in the background, or opening a window where outside, people are speaking, or a TV is playing in the next room. Nothing too crazy yet, remember, we don’t want to pull a muscle, we want you to build a strong level of focus and concentration.
You will be absolutely amazed at how fast this process takes place, and improves your focus. Remember this; top athletes do things like this daily, even when they are the best to keep this muscle sharp.  Good luck and check back with me when we discuss how to anchor this so when you’re on the golf course it will be like flipping a switch to enact this strong level of focus to insure better golf! I mean just in case your opponent decides to jiggle some change in your backswing!

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