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Building A Strong Foundation For Your Golf Game

by Jeff Dailey
Building A Strong Foundation For Your Golf Game

After another disappointing round of golf, you find yourself sitting in your lounge chair, staring into a fire with a cold beer, and reflecting back on the past couple of months of frustrating play, trying to think of solutions to the many problems that have occurred lately. The poor drives off the tee, the missed fairways, the disappointing chip shots and puts, accompanied by aching muscles and joints from over swinging and driving the club into the ground. Building A Strong Foundation For Your Golf Game
The countless hours spent trying to correct these problems, the money spent on new drivers and woods, along with the anti-inflammatory medications to help with the aching joints. The question is then asked, “Why is this all happening to me”.
As we age, our ligaments and tendons will lose elasticity, our joints won’t move so freely as they once did, and our metabolism will slow down, making it easier to gain calories. But having “junk in the trunk” (or a weak foundation), is more than likely as we age, but can be treated.
With a weak foundation, there is minimal stability from the core muscles (which provide support to the spine pelvis and hips), so when a golfer swings the club at over 100 MPH, over and over again, the connective tissues become either sprained or strained, do to compensation, which then means consistency and accuracy will suffer.
To build a strong foundation, we must build strength and learn to stabilize muscles and joints from the inside out. Meaning, build the “core” first, and then the extremities.
This is done with neuromuscular isolated and integrated exercises (isolating the stabilizers before actually moving a joint). Once a series of exercises are performed for several weeks, there becomes improvement with neuromuscular communication between the brain and the muscles, which in turn will help with sequencing of movement with a stable spine, this carries over to the golf game adding to increased shot consistency and accuracy.
Article provided to the La Quinta Chamber of Commerce – GEM Publication

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