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Master the Mobility Game as you Age

by Kimberly Johnson
Master the Mobility Game as you Age

Staying mobile is an important factor in health as you age. Not only does it help you maintain your health, it is also a major factor in holding on to your independence. There are a number of ways to master mobility even as you age: Master the Mobility Game as you Age
1. Walk: Taking walks is by far one of the best ways to stay active. If you don’t have time, incorporate it into your day. A trip to the grocery store is a good start, and you can take an extra step by parking at the back of the lot. This is a great way to increase the distance you walk each day. And maybe the best part of walking? It’s free! Master the Mobility Game as you Age
2. Find a Hobby: Having a hobby is a great way to keep your body and mind mobile. Knitting works muscles in your hands that improve dexterity while keeping your concentration sharp. Gardening works a number of muscle systems and is known to actively relax the gardener. Remember that it is supposed to be fun, so find a hobby that you love to keep you sharp and active!
3. Partner Up: One way to make sure you enjoy either a walk or a hobby is to bring along a friend. This is a great way to stay motivated to get up and out, and it also makes the activity more enjoyable overall. Call a friend who is also looking to stay active and mobile for a walk.
4. Consider a Cane: If you are having a real problem staying mobile, consider using a cane. Most people fear that a cane will limit them; on the contrary, it can be the tool that can help get you up and moving. Even if you do not plan to use it long term, a cane can help you keep active and build confidence for walking longer distances without it. We highly recommend the Hurrycane, the #1 selling cane in America.
5. Take the Stairs: Going up and down stairs is a good way to add difficulty to your walk. It works different muscles and is proven to literally help people get out of bed in the morning. This doesn’t have to be a tedious repetition of up and down; it can be as simple as taking the stairs over the elevators when there is an option.
Try one or all of these tips throughout the course of your daily routine to master mobility.

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