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Physiotherapy For Elders: 7 Powerful Balance Exercises For Seniors

by Guest Blogger
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Increasing balance and developing strength are two things that we should all be concerned about. However, we are many times too busy to consider including these activities into our schedules. As time passes, we realize that we need to be strong to take care of our own bodies and – well, health. To avoid injury, we need to feel confident when walking and be used to working out regularly. This is why we developed a list of seven powerful balance exercises for seniors. Check them out and let’s talk about it!

  1. Walking heel to toe

If you’re wondering how ‘walking heel to toe’ might improve your balance, here’s the answer. It will make your legs stronger and then, your chances are falling won’t be as high anymore. I know you might think that falling is not an option, but in case that happens, you need to be prepared. Here’s how you’ll do it.

Your right foot steps in front of your left foot. When they touch, the heel of your right foot must be touched by the top of your left foot. Then, the opposite thing follows. The heel of your left foot must touch the top of the right foot, and so on. This helps you improve your balance and keeps you in shape. Repeat for at least 15 steps per day.

  1. Rocking the boat

To rock the boat right and help you improve your balance, here’s what you have to do. Stand with both feet looking in the same direction. The space between your feet must be as wide as your hips, don’t forget that. Now level up your head and look up front. Place your entire body weight on the left foot and keep it there for 30 seconds or less. Slowly switch your weight to your right foot and keep it there for 30 seconds or less again. Repeat at least six times per day, recommends assignment help coordinator and former physical therapist, John Butler.

  1. Back or side leg raises

This will give you back the strength you need to start performing even more challenging exercises. Here’s what you have to do. For the back leg raise, use a chair and stand right behind it. Lift your left leg back up without bending or pointing any of your toes. Hold this for about 2-3 seconds and then, switch to your leg. Lift your right leg up, etc. Repeat 10 times per leg. This exercise will strengthen your lower back muscles and bottom.

For your side leg raises, lift your legs sideways instead of backways. Use the chair to help you stay balanced. Repeat at least 15 times per leg. This exercise is mostly for balance, but it might also help you strengthen your side muscles.

  1. Wall sits

Having worked for an assignment help company for so long, my sciatica couldn’t function properly anymore. I sat down way too much completing all the work that I was assigned. This is when I discovered that wall pushups can really strengthen your legs and diminish sciatica pain. Wall sits are the way to go. Get yourself a fitness ball and push it all the way to the wall. Now slowly sit on it. As soon as you touch it, get back up, normal position, feet in hip-width position. Repeat at least 15 times.

  1. Hands and fingers

You must also improve your flexibility! Here’s what follows. You don’t have to stand up; simply pretend that there is a wall right in front of you and start wiggling your fingers. Keep going for 30 seconds. Next, touch your right hand with your left hand behind your back. Stretch for 5-10 seconds, then bring them back to normal position.

  1. Your regular calf stretches

Another good strengthening exercise is the calf stretch. Find a clear wall, face it, and then place both of your hands at eye level. Your right leg goes behind your left leg and your heel stays on the floor. Your left knee bends. Stretch like this for about 15-30 seconds per leg.

  1. Marching in place

Balance is one of the benefits of the marching in place exercise. Stand upright and lift one of your knees high. Then slowly lower it and slowly start lifting the other leg. Lift and lower, lift and lower, lift and lower at least 20-30 times.

Wrapping Up

These exercises will help you stay in shape, take care of your body and overall health. Ensure that you stay strong and going. Good luck, you got this!

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