5 of the Best Exercises for Seniors

5 of the Best Exercises for Seniors

Staying active in your older years isn’t always easy, but choosing the right activity can make all the difference. When you’re able to enjoy the time you spend keeping active, it’s much easier to keep up a regular fitness routine. It’s also important to find a low-stress, senior-friendly activity: one where your risk of strain or injury is lowered.

At Visiting Angels, our home care providers have been helping seniors for nearly twenty years. Below, we’ve collected five of the best exercises for seniors. All of these activities offer light or moderate exercise, a low risk of strain and injury, can be easily worked into seniors’ weekly routines, and are an enjoyable way to stay active during retirement. 5 of the Best Exercises for Seniors

Ping Pong

Among the elderly, ping pong is becoming an increasingly popular sport — and with good reason. Ping pong is fantastic exercise for seniors, offering a range of physical and mental benefits. Ping pong can increase strength, is a boon to hand-eye coordination, and has positive benefits on cognitive performance. In fact, some dementia care programs now include ping pong as an alternative form of therapy.


Swimming is one of the best exercises for seniors, exercising all parts of the body with minimal risk of injury. Water ensures minimal stress on seniors’ joints and bodies, making swimming a great activity, even for those with knee or back issues. Of course, seniors should always be aware of pool safety. Take precautions to avoid slips around pool decks and make sure to never swim alone.


Golf is a fantastic way for seniors to stay physically active. Golf’s leisurely and meditative pace makes it a great way to get in light exercise and relax. Even better, as an outdoor game that take’s place in green space, it’s a fantastic way for seniors to get fresh air and connect with nature. And as a communal game, it’s a great way for seniors to maintain and build relationships.


Speaking of ways for seniors to connect with nature, no activity accomplishes the job quite like gardening. While some seniors think of maintaining their garden as a chore, for many others, the time outdoors is the perfect time for quiet contemplation and a refreshing way to disconnect from everyday stresses and worries. 5 of the Best Exercises for Seniors


Dance classes for seniors are a great way for seniors to mingle with friends, perform light-to-moderate cardio, and learn new steps for the dance floor. Most dance classes follow a regular schedule, meaning seniors develop a regular routine for exercise. As with golf, dance classes are a superb social activity for seniors, offering a way to forge the kinds of relationships that have been tied to positive physical, mental, and emotional health outcomes. 5 of the Best Exercises for Seniors
Looking for help staying active? The home care providers from your local Visiting Angels can help you or a person you love live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Contact your local office for a no-cost care consultation today.

5 of the Best Exercises for Seniors 5 of the Best Exercises for Seniors

5 of the Best Exercises for Seniors 5 of the Best Exercises for Seniors 5 of the Best Exercises for Seniors 5 of the Best Exercises for Seniors

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