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Living Room Fall Prevention Guide

by Kimberly Johnson

Making your living room safe is critical to both the aging loved one and the caregiver. Trying to stand from a soft couch often causes shoulder and wrist injuries or a significant fall. Often seniors will wait for someone in the home to help them stand up, which limits their freedom and can cause anxiety when you need to use the restroom. For caregivers, repeatedly helping someone to stand from a seated position will cause painful back injuries!

For a small investment, you can outfit your home for fall prevention. These recommended products ensure both the aging senior and caregiver have the maximum safety, comfort, and freedom to live as independently as possible. One fall can lead to a hospital stay, center for rehabilitation, an increased need for home care and even prompt a transition into assisted living.

For less than the cost of 1 month in assisted living, you can equip your ENTIRE home to prevent falls so you can live independently longer!


The number one addition to any living room to prevent falls and shoulder injuries is adding a reclining lift chair. We cannot emphasize this enough. A reclining lift chair eliminates the need for a caregiver to assist you in the standing position. It also saves the back of the caregiver!

With the press of a button on a remote control the seat along with the arms will slowly rise to enable the person to stand. Similarly, when it comes to sitting down when the chair is in the raised position, once the person gets into position, the button can be pressed so that the chair slowly lowers. This simple feature eliminates the need to rely on weak arms that injure shoulders.

Reclining lift chairs come in a variety of economic options to luxurious models of comfort for those who want to sleep or spend more than 8 hours in the chair. You can select a fabric choice to fit your room. Often chairs are custom made to your size and style.

ECONOMY: Golden Tech Capri Vinyl $619

MID-RANGE: Golden Tech Maxicomfort Starting at $1,297

LUXURY: Golden Tech MaxiComfort Cloud Twilight Assisted Lift Recliners $2,286


Reclining lift chairs also come in petite and bariatric sizes. If you need help selecting one, feel free to talk to one of our specialists at 949-713-1400.




The Omni-Tray is a couch-side handle and TV tray that makes it easy to stand from your favorite couch or chair. It comes with a convenient multi-use swivel tray so you can eat, surf the web, or simply keep handy items close by. And like all of our products, it blends in with your living-room (like another piece of furniture) so you can maintain the comforting feeling of your home.




The CouchCane by Stander offers a simple yet effective way to boost yourself out of your favorite chair or soft couch. The CouchCane is made of steel and comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee so you can buy in confidence.




The Traveler 3 Wheel Walker is perfect for maneuvering indoors around furniture and in tight places like a bathroom. It features NOVA’s easy to use locking hand brakes, a tray, basket, pouch and 8” rugged wheels, and is foldable for easy transport and storage. We like how the traveler 3 wheel rollator has a tray for food or drinks and a basket for other belongings. This frees both hands to steady your balance to move freely in your home.


Great tools to adapt existing Recliner Chairs:


For existing recliners, you might consider adding risers. When a person stands from the typical recliner, it tilts forward, dropping the arms and seat of an already low chair by 3-4 inches. Simply raising the chair by 5 or 6 inches makes it dangerously unstable. Stander has developed a safe and easy solution. When Recliner Risers are installed, they raise a chair nearly 2 inches and limit the forward tilt allowing an additional 3-4 inches of lift. The extra support gives a weakened person a biomechanical advantage and enables them to stand on their own. Recliner Risers attach quickly and easily to the wooden base of your favorite recliner. The Recliner Risers are designed to be installed on recliners with wooden bases as seen in the picture. Recliners with metal or round-based will not be compatible with the Recliner Risers.


For those with mobility challenges, reaching a recliner handle can be a tough task. Stander has created a simple and unique solution that makes using your recliner easy again. The Lever Extender puts the handle within easy reach while adding leverage to raise and lower the leg rest. It is made with heavy-duty steel so you can buy in confidence knowing it will last a lifetime. It’s time to put your recliner handle back in reach.


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