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Best Bedroom Products for Fall Prevention

by Kimberly Johnson
Senior woman sitting in a bedroom

It’s important to address safety for seniors in the bedroom, since falls are a considerable risk getting in and out of bed. With just a few products you can ensure that you can remain as independent as possible all night long. Here are our favorite bedroom accessories and bed to make your bedroom a safe and comfortable place.

Top 3 Bedroom Accessories for Fall Prevention

Adult Bed Rail & Cushioned Support Bed Swivel Handle

Swiveling Bed Rail only $99

This Mobility Bed Rail has an extra pivoting arm to provide extra support while walking or transferring to a rollaor or wheelchair. The legs that extend to the ground for extra stability while standing, and the half-size bed rail prevents nighttime falls. It blends in with your bedroom – like another piece of furniture – to maintain the comforting feeling of your home. To purchase click here.

Traveler 3 Wheel Nova Rollator

Traveler 3-Wheel only $99.95

Everyone using a walker needs a this 3-wheel rollator for indoors. The Traveler is perfect for maneuvering on carpet, around furniture and in tight places. It features NOVA’s easy to use locking hand brakes, a tray, basket, pouch and 8” rugged wheels, and is foldable for easy transport and storage. When relying on a cane in the home, falls can easily occur when a foot catches or balance is off. We like how the traveler 3-wheel rollator has a tray for drinks and a basket for other belongings. This frees hands to steady your balance so you can move freely in your home. We also find that larger 4-wheel rollators are cumbersome indoors. Often people will opt not to use them and then a fall occurs. This 3-wheel option is perfect in a tight bathroom and allows you to transfer belongings, drinks, food etc. with the tray and basket.
To purchase click here.



BedCaddie – In Bed Support Assist Handle with Adjustable Strap

BedCaddie to help sit up – Only $19

The BedCaddie has a unique ladder-like design with 3 handgrips to make it easier to sit-up in bed. It’s great for people who want a little extra support while sitting up and can be used with our bed rails to help you easily get out of bed. To purchase click here.




Best Beds for Fall Prevention

Flexabed Premium Comfort

Flexabeds come in all sizes starting at $1,850

A premier full adjustable bed sets the standards for comfort and convenience. Every amenity Flexabed offers can be added to the Premier model. It is fully customizable and can be designed and built in hundreds of configurations so that your specific needs are fulfilled.

You can choose to have one touch wireless or wired controls. Flexabed has whisper-quiet motors with optional, dual timed massage. This is the prefect bed for complete comfort and safety.

To see purchasing options click here.



Med-Mizer Stand Assist Pivot Turn Adjustable Bed

Med-Mizer Bed starts at $5,720

This innovative bed combines the benefits of an adjustable bed with the advantages of a stand assist lift. This bed becomes a seat which can then be used to help a patient to their feet; there’s no need for them to shift to the edge of the bed and bring their feet over the side. This makes for a safer, more comfortable transfer which enhances early mobility during recovery from an injury or surgery.

To see purchasing options click here.

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