Best Guide to Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Best Guide to Bathroom Safety for Seniors

We use the bathroom every day … 365 days of each year. We cherish our bathroom time and depart much happier, yet this room is often the most dangerous place in your home. Being proactive with effective product solutions is the key to fall prevention.

For less than a dollar a day, you can equip your bathroom with all the necessary products to keep you safe. Make your bathroom happy and safe every dayBest Guide to Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Do you know the BATHROOM HOT SPOTS? Best Guide to Bathroom Safety for Seniors

HOT SPOT #1 – Get Some Leverage

If you have trouble getting on and off a chair, then you are also having trouble getting on and off a toilet. An elevated toilet seat and hand rails can make all the difference.

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HOT SPOT #2 – Getting in and out of the Tub

Getting in and out of the tub or shower can be tricky, and holding onto the sink or towel rack isn’t safe. Using grab bars is a much better solution.

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HOT SPOT #3 – Bathing Independently

Our tub or shower is our sanctuary, but without the proper safety equipment, this is another bathroom hot spot. Bath-seats, hand-held shower-heads and bath mats are a must!
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  1. Bath Seat
  2. Rubber Mat
  3. Bath Seat Basket
  4. Bath Seat Cushion
  5. Holder for Hand Held Shower
  6. Hand Held Shower

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Top 10 Bathroom Safety Tips:

BE PROACTIVE. Over 60% of falls occur at home, with the majority occurring in the bathroom.   Add safety measures BEFORE you have a fall.

1.  Never lock your bathroom door. It could prevent someone from helping you promptly.  Instead, use a Do Not Disturb sign.

2.  Use an elevated toilet seat on the commode and a tub grab bar to get in and out of the bathtub.

3.  A bath bench with a back provides comfort and safety when bathing or showering. This should be used with an 84” long hand held shower head.

4.  Use a non-skid bath mat in the bathtub and shower floor.

5.  Set water heater thermostats at 120 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to avoid scalds.

6.  Use shower gel instead of a bar soap that can slip out of your hands and on to the floor.

7.  Install a nightlight that comes on automatically in dim light.

8.  Replace faucet handles with easy to use levers and mark clearly with “hot” and “cold”

9.  Remove all floor rugs that can slip or can catch your foot.

10.  Get a Medical Alert System if you are living alone and a fall risk.

Best Guide to Bathroom Safety for Seniors


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