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Life Changes to Make When Over 50

by Kendall VanBlarcom
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As we age, life changes. And instead of resisting it, remember that you can’t move forward if you are stuck in the past. By this point in life, most of us have a system in place, a way to manage bills, family, commitments, and responsibilities. But what if those methods are no longer working for you?

Healthy adjustments can be made at every age. Talk through your concerns with personal counselor and decide what is important.

Shedding Clutter and Making Life Changes

When people are building their lives in their 20s and 30s they are acquiring the things they need. But as time passes, some of those items are no longer needed. It is then time to evaluate the items accumulated over the years.

Where is your life headed? What do you need and want to live your best life? After children have grown up and careers have shifted, it is likely you no longer need many of the things acquired. Allow yourself to focus on your own happiness, shed what is no longer necessary.

Open Your Eyes to New Opportunities

Appreciate your past but allow yourself to move forward and explore new ways to connect with others, pursue interests, and cultivate happiness.

It is natural to have this time of life be a time of transition. For some, it is difficult to accept their kids growing up and needing them less. For others, downsizing leads to losing a job. Even individuals who have not faced age discrimination or technology changes in the workplace find themselves looking at their retirement options. If the majority of one’s adult life was spent working, retirement can lead to identity issues and income concerns.

Heal As Relationships Change

Life changes also mean relationship changes. Marriages may end and new connections may happen, creating shifts in your sense of self and how you relate to your extended group of family and friends.

There are also situations when a husband, wife, or family member becomes ill. The extended illness of a spouse can lead to a husband or wife finding themselves coping with the responsibilities of being a caregiver. Also, there are deaths that can be difficult to process.

And as these integral relationships change it may be time to assess other responsibilities, too. Maybe there are clubs you’ve belonged to for years that no longer fit in your life. Or if you volunteer maybe the organization you want to give your time to is one you never would have considered a decade prior.

Discussing life changes with a personal support professional is a path to healing. There are many aspects of life that can feel uncertain when people reach the age of 50. While society views this time of life as steady, many are coping with divorces, job losses, aging parents, and even being nervous about venturing into new opportunities and relationships. Even when those new endeavors are appealing and healthy.

Feeling overwhelmed is not a weakness, it is your body telling you to step back, analyze old habits, and move toward a feeling of strength.

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