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Best Events and Websites for Self-Improvement of Seniors

by Guest Blogger
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You might have chosen the right senior facility for you. Needing long-term care is something normal when aging, as your body weakens. And some senior facilities might organize social and outdoor events to meet your needs.

If you are a senior, it does not mean that the self-improvement process has ended. Instead, one must always aim at improving its skills and abilities. This gives you a unique perspective that will make you more open and wiser.

But where to start? Nowadays lots and lots of startups are being set up every day. So, it might be hard to make the best choice of self-improvement for seniors when you have so many options. To help you choose the best events and websites that meet your wishes for improvement, we have outlined a list of events and websites to choose from.


You might look for something to read about History. Or just something funny to make you relax a bit. We have compiled a list of websites presenting topics from health to finance and technology.

  1. 1. Senior.com

Senior.com is your one-stop-shop for seniors. They have everything you need to age well and remain in your own home. Specialists in fall prevention and mobility products, their customer service can help you find exactly the right product for you. Just call them at 949-713-1400 or visit Senior.com.


Aarp.org is a website that offers a lot of articles for seniors. They talk about sensitive topics like sex life or Alzheimer’s disease and the latest studies in the health domain. If you choose to become a member, you also have discounts and benefits for healthcare, wellness, travel, and entertainment. Even though you are not looking for something specific, you will surely find something interesting to read. AARP is one of the most comprehensible websites.

  1. 3. Love to Know – Seniors

Love to know is a website devoted exclusively to seniors and their caregivers. They offer a lot of advice on financial planning and health. When it comes to fashion and hair, Love to Know is the perfect place to go to. It presents different senior hairstyles you can choose from. You can also find gift ideas, poems and activities ideas.

  1. 4. Road Scholar

If you are into traveling and exploring new places, then Road Scholar is for you. It is the best website for seniors that want to explore the world. They have studied over the years what makes a trip unforgettable and extraordinary. They have found that every human has its own way of seeing the world and of traveling. They have compiled a blog with trips with different structures and itineraries. So, you have plenty of resources to read. And maybe you will decide to travel and enrich your experience and view of the world.

  1. 5. Evergreen Club

Evergreen is a traveling website that aims at facilitating the process of traveling for seniors. You always stress that you have to book a room and to choose what to visit. Evergreen comes in help and establishes a network of friendly accommodation across North America. If you become a member of their club, you have access to more than 2000 friendly accommodation. And the prices are incredible! You will pay 20$ for two per night, with breakfast included.

The great thing is that this network is established especially for seniors. So, you can be one of the seniors that have a free room and wants to help other senior travelers. You can add your room to this network and welcome friendly seniors that are visiting your city. And you can visit them too!

  1. 6. The Senior’s Guide to Computers

Technology is in the constant evolvement and you might feel overwhelmed by these ever-changing changes. The Senior’s Guide to Computers wants to help seniors keep up with technology by offering video lessons and articles to read. You can find videos about emails, internet, security, and the basics of computer use.

  1. 7. WebMD
  2. When it comes to medicine and health problems, webmd.com is the perfect option. No matter the health topic you are interested in, WebMD surely has some articles about that. You can read about physical problems like arthritis, cancer or allergies. But they also have articles on mental health problems, like depression, ADHD or sleep problems. WebMD also has a section about living healthy. You can find a lot of articles about beauty, food, sex, and exercise.

WebMD is one of the best websites because all their articles are written by doctors and are easy to understand by everyone.

  1. 8. Investopedia

Investopedia.com is a must-read for every senior that wants to invest his money. Investopedia offers a wide variety of online courses held by experts. You can do the courses at your own pace. You can choose from courses like investing and trading for beginners, financial modeling or technical analysis. The great thing about Investopedia is that they have an online simulator where you can compete risk-free with virtual money. They always share the latest news in the domain, so you will be constantly updated.


Maintaining a social life is important for your mental health because they are so important for our wellbeing. Playing and socializing can have enormous benefits on your mental sharpness and emotional wellbeing. There are events organized especially for seniors. But what events should you take into consideration? Which ones are suited for you?

1. Active Games Events

You might think that you might not have the physical condition to play sports with fellow seniors. It is true, you might be slower than a few years ago. But do not let this thought prevent you from exercising and having fun with friends. Playing sports is good for your health and helps you stay fit. It also improves your hand-eye coordination. And playing with friends or funnily competing against them has good benefits on your well being too. You can choose from a lot of sports, like golf, tennis, frisbee tossing, badminton or volleyball.

2. Board Games Events

More static than sports, board games offer you the opportunity of doing some exercises for your mind. You can compete with other seniors in a public event or organize a board game night at your house. This way, you keep your mind busy with finding new strategies and improving the existing ones. You have plenty of board games to choose from. Try Uno, Chess, Monopoly, Canasta or Backgammon.

  1. 3. Outdoor Events

These activities might not be so physically demanding like playing sports. Instead, they come with mood benefits. Spending time in nature has always been recommended by doctors. Connecting with something greater than you gives you the astronaut effect and you can become happier and aware of your surroundings. By starting gardening, you will improve your knowledge of how plants grow and what nutrients they need. You can also try nature photography and choose from a wide variety of photography pieces of training. Start exploring and spending more time in nature!

  1. 4. Crafting Events

More and more seniors choose to attend crafting events because they have a lot of fun. Why won’t you try it also? Crafting events are a lot of fun and also help you improve your creativity. You can choose from activities like water coloring, oil painting or pastel drawing.

Some events challenge you more, with activities like wood crafting, papercraft or even jewelry making.

  1. 5. Active Learning Events

You are never too old to learn something new. So, why don’t you choose to attend an event that encourages active learning? There are specially designed for seniors, so you will make friends too. You can make learning fun by choosing to do something for your own sake. And you can also improve your skills. You can learn to play a musical instrument. Or write stories. Or cook exotic dishes. Either choice you will make, for sure you will improve your skills.


“There are a lot of websites and events to choose from when you are looking for self-improvement. Even though you might think that age prevents you from learning something new, this is false. You can keep your mind and body active by staying informed, reading and being part of outdoor events.” said John.

Choose to travel the world and become part of a traveling community. Learn how to better use the computer and your email. Read about health discoveries and future plans.

Keep your body fit by choosing sports with friends. Golf and volleyball have never been such fun unless you competed against your friends. You can also choose to attend crafting events and board games nights. Try something new and learn how to play a musical instrument or to craft wood. There are plenty of options and ideas. You only have to try them!

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By Eric H. Anderson

Eric H. Anderson is an editor and journalist at AustralianWritings. I like traveling and I have visited more than 100 countries around the world. You can find me Facebook and Linkedin


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