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Smart Home Tech for Seniors: Five Gadgets that will Improve Independent Living

by Guest Blogger
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Smart home technology can make independent living comfortable and help with the everyday tasks of home management. From smart thermostats and smart lighting that respond to the sound of your voice to garages controlled from remote locations, stock up on these smart home technology devices so your family can stay in their home longer using a simple internet connection.

Here are some of the gadgets you should consider.

Door Locks and Security Systems

Smart security systems and smart lock technology are at the forefront of the independent living initiative. These tools protect your home and give your family peace of mind.

A smart security system allows your family to monitor entrance activity to your home, assuring you and your family are safe. Smart locks let you lock your door no matter where you are. Give multiple security codes to caregivers and family members, so you never have to worry about leaving spare keys for visitors.

Smart Thermostat

Enhance the quality of living in your home with a thermostat that gives you remote access. Program your smart thermostat for when temperatures reach a certain degree and save money by tracking your energy consumption. Smart Thermostats have easy-to-read LCD touch screens for easy use. Access your Smart Thermostat by using your smartphone or connect to your smart home remote control.

Smart Light Switch

Control the lights in your home using a voice command or timers by using your smart home remote or by an app on your smartphone. These devices can also help cut energy costs and promote home security while you’re away.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Control your garage from your smartphone. Traditional garages are in standby mode, waiting for the owner to push the button to open the door. With a smart garage technology, you can turn the whole system off when you are away from home. This device allows you to lower electricity usage and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. A useful feature is the ability to know when your garage door was opened or closed. This device is helpful when you can’t remember if you closed the garage door or not.

Smart Home Hub

Living on your own is convenient with a smart home hub to command all of your smart devices. Sync your smart light switches, entertainment system, and thermostat to your smart home hub to access all your smart devices with an all-in-one unit. You will be able to control all of your technology from the comfort of any room in the house. When family members visit, give them quick access to all your smart devices to enjoy.

Jason Fishbeck is the owner of Automated Environments a smart home tech installtion company in Phoenix, Arizona.


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