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9 Great Ways for Seniors to Stay Fit

by Kimberly Johnson
9 Great Ways for Seniors to Stay Fit

Today’s new exercise trends seem better suited for millennials than seniors. It’s hard to find motivation when new workouts are so daunting. But you don’t have to jump on the train of virtual boxing or hardcore parkour to stay fit. There are plenty of old-school ways to break a sweat in your golden years. 9 Great Ways for Seniors to Stay Fit
So don’t worry about trying to catch on to the next fitness fad. Whether you try one or you sample them all, these nine classic workout activities will have you feeling more energized than ever.

Take to Exercise Like a Fish to Water

Working out in a pool is a great way to mix up your daily routine. Water workouts offer the added benefit of water resistance to kick your exercise routine up a notch.

  • This low impact workout easy on the joints, making swimming a senior’s best friend. Take advantage of the pool at your gym or the local YMCA to swim laps three days a week. Pro tip: a swimming cap will help keep your hair dry while adding some aerodynamics to your stroke.
  • Aqua Aerobics. Break up the days of swimming laps with fun and engaging aerobics classes. Held in the shallow end of a pool, aqua aerobics uses the resistance of the water and your own body weight to tone and strengthen muscles. Pro tip: take a class with a friend for twice the fun. 9 Great Ways for Seniors to Stay Fit
  • Water Polo. Not for the faint of heart, Water Polo is the water sport version of Soccer. It’s a high intensity, high cardio workout that will keep you moving through the water the whole time. Pro tip: look into classes or amateur leagues in your area to get started.

Stay Fit Inside and Outdoors

Whether you hit the great outdoors during the summer or make use of the treadmill during the winter, you won’t have to sacrifice your workout days with these activities.

  • Universally beneficial for any age, walking is the easiest way to stay active. Take a turn around the block, or grab a friend for an hour of powerwalking. Pro tip: invest in a good pair of walking shoes to keep your feet and body supported while you move.
  • While you’re not aspiring to be the next Usain Bolt, running is still exercise seniors can take advantage of. Try your next run “off-road”—unpaved trails are easier on the feet and knees than running on pavement. Pro tip: have an expert assess your form the next time you’re at a running shoes store. 9 Great Ways for Seniors to Stay Fit
  • Hopping on a bike is a great cardio boost, and the perfect time to get the wind in your hair. Map out your route and take a leisurely ride or do a couple laps for more intensity. Pro tip: always wear your helmet when cycling outdoors.

Bring Your Mind and Body Into Harmony

Not all exercise means you have to sweat it out. Balance your workout days with gentle stretching and mindful movement.

  • Fine-tune your Downward Facing Dog while quieting your mind. With different styles and levels of yoga, seniors can tailor their practice to fit their needs that day. Pro tip: look for gentle yoga classes for a solid introduction to the practice.
  • Granted, meditation is not a physical workout, but the mental benefits make adding this practice into your routine well worth your time. Calming your mind lowers stress levels and boosts feelings of rejuvenation. Pro tip: try meditating before your normal workout to bring extra focus to what you’re working on that day.
  • Tai Chi. A rhythmical, almost dance-like form of martial arts, Tai Chi is promoted as a moving meditation. With slow controlled movement, Tai Chi is great for seniors looking for a more accessible starting point to exercise. Pro tip: take a class outdoors for a breath of fresh air.

Love the New You with Old-School Moves

Forget worrying about trying to beat the computer in virtual boxing. You’ll be rocking your way to a new you with any of these nine effective workouts. Get ready to break a sweat well into the best years of your life. 9 Great Ways for Seniors to Stay Fit
By Sonja Wright
Bio: Sonja Wright is a writer for Alert1, a personal safety and technology firm dedicated to helping seniors live safely and independently. A graduate of San Francisco State University, Sonja has an extreme weakness for yarn and the fiber arts. She unevenly divides her time between yoga, dance, and petting her cats.

9 Great Ways for Seniors to Stay Fit

9 Great Ways for Seniors to Stay Fit 9 Great Ways for Seniors to Stay Fit 9 Great Ways for Seniors to Stay Fit 9 Great Ways for Seniors to Stay Fit

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