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10 Simple Bedroom Safety Updates Help Seniors Age in Place

by Jeff Dailey

The dangers in the bedroom
It’s easy for seniors to fall in the bedroom, especially when getting in or out of bed. Or, when getting dressed.
These, and other hazards, make the bedroom another room that would benefit from safety updates.

Safer bedrooms help seniors maintain independence
It’s important to make sure the rooms where seniors spend a lot of time are as safe as possible. Preventing falls is one of the best ways to help older adults stay independent.

10 easy bedroom safety updates

  1. Make it easier to turn lights on and off by making any bedside lamp touch activated. Use removable mounting strips to attach the touch sensor in a convenient place.
  2. Use an automatic LED night light so it’s easy to find and turn on the bedside lamp when getting up at night.
  3. Place a sturdy chair in the bedroom so your older adult can sit while dressing to prevent falls.
  4. Remove any throw rugs, electrical wires, or clutter from the floor to prevent tripping and falling.
  5. Clean and organize closets and drawers so frequently used items are within easy reach — avoid storing anything too high or too low.
  6. Make sure the bed is at the correct height so it’s easy to get in and out. Place the box spring on the floor if it’s too high or use inexpensive bed lifts if it’s too low.
  7. Consider adding a simple bed rail or a no-installation floor to ceiling grab bar next to the bed to help with getting up.
  8. Install an easy-to-use phone by the bed and post important phone numbers in large print.
  9. Make sure a smoke detector is installed on or near the ceiling. Get one with 10 year battery and low false alarm rate for low maintenance.
  10. Use a passive monitoring system like Evermind to discreetly monitor the bedside lamp. It lets you know that your senior’s usual routine is going smoothly and gives an added layer of safety.

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