Stop Spending Too Much Money on Groceries

Stop Spending Too Much Money on Groceries

For many families, it is a new school year – a fresh start. Time to renew your finances, make brand new investments and to cut down on a big list of things! While you are all geared up right now, saving bucks is no less than scaling Everest and thus there are high chances that you might get back to square one. Stop Spending Too Much Money on Groceries
We have a little tip for you this year, if saving money is your New Year resolution – start with small treks and not Everest directly. Instead of setting up big recurring deposits that you might end up depleting later, start with small money saving treks. And as they say – Charity begins at home. Here are a few hacks that will help you make grocery shopping a less expensive affair. Stop Spending Too Much Money on Groceries


Don’t restrict yourself to basics such as bread, milk and bananas when comparing prices. Be it meat or healthy crackers make sure you hit the internet to compare prices of everything on your grocery list. Just search online grocery shopping in San Francisco – access online stores and compare. You will be surprised at the amount of pennies you can save.


The best way to save money on fresh produce would be to buy fresh fruits and vegetables online. And to save a penny more make sure you pick the fruits and vegetable while they are at the peak of their season. For instance, in Strawberry season, when the market is flooded with the fruit, you are bound to get good quality and decent rates. Stock up your freezer and you’re sorted. Try using internet – options for online grocery shopping in San Francisco will surprise you.

PACK YOUR LUNCH Stop Spending Too Much Money on Groceries

If you add up the amount of money you spend on lunch daily – your jump will drop to the floor when you see the total at the end of the year. Create a lunch plan in advance. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables online and carry fresh home cooked lunch to work daily.


As much as you need a regular and efficient supply of proteins in your meals daily, protein rich foods can often leave your grocery bills sky high. Whenever possible substitute heavy duty proteins such as chicken or turkey with lighter and cheaper options such as eggs, tofu and beans. To keep it simple make sure to buy fresh fruits and vegetables online.


National brands often tend to be priced at the higher end of the scale when compared to local and store brands. When purchasing items such as flour, sugar and grains pick the store brand – not only the prices will be cheaper, but also buying local helps the economy. If you have apprehensions about the quality of the local brands, connect to your trusted local store through Stop Spending Too Much Money on Groceries

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