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How to Stop Purse Thieves

by Kimberly Johnson
How to Stop Purse Thieves

How to Stop Purse Thieves from Stealing Your Valuables

How to Stop Purse ThievesThieves are always on the hunt for easy prey, and if you give them the chance, they’ll focus their efforts on you. One popular method of attack criminals enjoy pursuing is purse pinching at shopping centers. More specifically, they desire the contents of a purse such as cash, credit cards, checks, and any other valuables that can be converted into cash. To defeat their evil intent, you must develop practices that will make a purse appear less tempting. Here are three tips to encourage a thief to move on to an easier target: How to Stop Purse Thieves

  1. Keep the opening of a purse sealed at all times. This might seem like a pain if you want quick and easy access to its contents, but if you leave it unsecured, it’s the equivalent of an open invitation for a thief to take whatever he or she wants inside. Only use purses that allow you to completely seal the opening. A zipper is a great way to secure a purse. A single, magnetic button isn’t. The harder it is for you to open a purse, the more time it will take a thief to open it as well, and time is a luxury most thieves can’t afford.
  2. Never turn your back on your purse. Ever. While a zipped purse is a deterrent, a thief will use your inattention as an opportunity to open the purse and steal what’s inside. By keeping a purse in view, a thief is less likely to try and steal its contents.
  3. Stay aware of your surroundings. A thief will usually identify and watch a target before attempting to liberate the contents of a purse. If someone demonstrates an interest in watching you or staying within sight of you as you move about a store, it might not be someone who finds you to be irresistibly alluring. Assume the person is a thief interested in your valuables. Keep your purse sealed and your hand clasped around its strap as a silent way of telling the potential criminal that you’re on guard. If you think someone is following you, you can also approach a store employee and tell that person about your suspicion. It’s better to be overly cautious and express your discomfort than to be victimized by a criminal.

As an extra measure of caution, make it a habit to only keep items inside your purse that you’ll need on your trip. You don’t need a passport or social security card in your purse to go shopping at the local store. Don’t bring every credit card and debit card you own on the trip either. Only take the payment methods you’re going to use, perhaps keeping a second form of payment as a backup, such as a MasterCard and a Visa Card. You don’t need every account you own on hand at all times to make a purchase.
By limiting the contents of your purse, a thief who gets past your defenses and steals what’s inside will have fewer financial avenues to exploit. It will also be easier for you to cancel one or two financial accounts rather than everything you might otherwise have in your purse. You should also consider making photo copies of the bank cards you do keep with you and storing that information inside a locked safe at home. If a thief steals your cards, you’ll need fast access to the phone number and account information to report the stolen cards as quickly as possible. The faster you act after a theft, the less likely a thief will be able to benefit from the theft.
A thief will spot opportunities when they become available. Always stay on your guard at all times while shopping and you’ll have a far greater chance of preventing your purse from becoming a criminal’s next target. How to Stop Purse Theives
By Rod Spurgeon

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