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Write Down the Details

by Rod Spurgeon

Time has a way of tinkering with memories. Though some people have a more detailed recollection capability than others, many still struggle to recall the precise details of past conversations. With that doubt comes the possibility that a memory can be adversely influenced by others. Write Down the Details
When it’s difficult to remember the exact terms of an agreement discussed through a past conversation, it gives the other party an opportunity to convince the forgetful individual that he or she agreed to an alternative arrangement, or that no such agreement was made. Agreement manipulation through memory exploitation isn’t likely to be in the favor of the person struggling to recall the details of a conversation. How can someone prevent another from taking advantage of a faulty memory? By recording conversation details as they take place. Write Down the Details
Write Down the DetailsBefore calling anyone with whom you intend to make an arrangement, or immediately after you receive a call from such an individual, grab a pen and notepad or your laptop. During the conversation, write down important points. For example, during a negotiation with a service company, write down the name of the person you talk to, the time and date you speak with that person, service features of the package you’re getting, the price for that service, and the duration in which that service will be provided at that price. The process is similar during conversations with other types of businesses as well. Make sure to write down every important point to avoid forgetting them in the future.
If you have to ask the representative to repeat him or herself, or there are long periods of silence as you write down important points, don’t be embarrassed. The only way you’re going to recall the details of every conversation every time is to write down important points. If later on the representative isn’t able to locate the details of an agreement, or has them recorded incorrectly, you’ll have the information you need to feel confident in your conversation about the specifics of the arrangement.
Also, before the expiration of that agreement, call the company to negotiate a new deal. Mark your calendar or create a reminder on your cell phone to call the company a month before the expiration of the arrangement. Don’t let new, higher rates take effect because you forget to call and arrange a new agreement.
Always write the details of important conversations inside a notebook for future reference, and use that same notebook to jot down new arrangements. Place the notebook in a desk drawer or other easily accessible, memorable place until you need it again. Taking these steps every time you engage in an important discussion will increase the likelihood that future conversations with others will be fair to both you and the other party.
By Rod Spurgeon

Write Down the Details

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