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“Wonderful hearing aids, great customer support! I put off getting hearing aids for years due to the high cost of going through a doctor to get them. I tried a lot of the ‘amplifier aids’ on the market, but they just didn’t work for my hearing loss. These are real hearing aids that are customized to your hearing loss. With these, you get true, natural hearing. Very helpful and caring customer support as well.
I am so glad I decided to try these!” – Regina F.

Can you imagine a world where you sit on your couch at home, order a pair of medical-grade hearing aids online, wait 5 days for them to arrive, take a quick hearing check (this time sitting on the back porch drinking sweet tea), program your hearing aids to your hearing check results, and just like that you start hearing better? Even more so, can you imagine a world where at any time you can just video or voice call a hearing expert to ask a question, free of charge? Crazy, right?

Well, that world has become a reality….. with Lexie Hearing!

Most hearing aids are far too expensive and many people with a need for hearing aids are unable to purchase them. Let’s be honest, they shouldn’t have to suffer in silence because they can’t afford the price of hearing aids or access to hearing healthcare.  

The team at Lexie Hearing knew it was time to find a way to offer consumers an excellent hearing aid that didn’t compromise on functionality and also had features that offer convenience to wearers.  We selected premium hearing aids that are manufactured in the United States and developed cutting-edge technology to create a seamless and efficient user experience. The best part is, even though you need to download the Lexie app and pair your mobile phone through Bluetooth to your hearing aids, you don’t have to be tech savvy to use the Lexie app. It’s really easy to use and if you ever do get stuck, you can call a hearing expert directly through the app by voice or video call to ask for assistance. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s take one step back and talk to you about what exactly the Lexie Lumen hearing aid is. 

Lexie Lumen Hearing Aid

  • It’s a premium, medical-grade hearing aid that is registered with the FDA. 
  • It’s very small, so small in fact you’ll probably forget you’re wearing it and people will barely see it.
  • There are a number of colors for you to choose from:
      • Beige
      • Silver
      • Bronze
      • Metallic black
      • Light gray
  • It’s super comfy so that you can wear it all day.
  • Each box comes with a few dome sizes for you to choose from, so that you can find the perfect fit for your ear. 

How do you get your hands on these impressive hearing aids? 

We’ve made it easy and really affordable for you to purchase your hearing aids. There are two easy payment options to choose from:

You can purchase your hearing aids once-off for an unbelievable $799 and get:

    1. A pair of premium hearing aids in the color of your choice.
    2. All the accessories you will need to get started (domes, slim tubes, batteries, ear-measuring tool, cleaning brush and wire, and a quick start guide).
    3. A 45-day, risk-free trial.
    4. Free shipping (4-6 days).

Or, you can subscribe to Lexie Hearing for all-inclusive hearing care for only $49 per month for 24 months, and get:

    1. A pair of premium hearing aids in the color of your choice.
    2. All the accessories you will need to get started (domes, slim tube, batteries, ear-measuring tool, cleaning brush and wire, and a quick-start guide).
    3. A 45-day, risk-free trial.
    4. Free shipping (4-6 days).
    5. No contract. You can cancel anytime.
    6. Risk and breakage insurance.
    7. All the hearing aid accessories you need for 24 months delivered directly to your door at regular intervals.

“I have 3 words for Lexie Hearing….. I can hear!!!!!!”
– Happy customer 2 days after receiving her hearing aids

What else?

There’s so much more! 

Firstly, you can purchase your hearing aids online or through the Contact Center and take a hearing check through the Lexie app. So there are no expensive visits to see a healthcare practitioner and you also don’t have to drive anywhere to purchase your hearing aids. That’s a game-changer, especially during the pandemic while we’re trying to social distance. Best yet, it’s a validated hearing check that’s been trusted by over 1 million people. 

The Lexie app ensures that your hearing aids are programmed uniquely to match your hearing profile and give you the ease and comfort of being able to adjust the volume and any other settings on your hearing aids directly from your mobile phone. It also gives you the ability to video or voice call a hearing expert, bringing us to Lexie Care

Lexie Care was developed because your experience as a customer is incredibly important to our team. We want you to get the care and support you need to successfully transition to wearing hearing aids comfortably and for long periods of time. It takes time to get used to wearing hearing aids which is why our team is there to guide you and connect with you 5 days a week from 9 a.m to 10 p.m EST. They will be able to talk to you about your hearing loss, answer any questions you have about your hearing aids, and make remote adjustments to your hearing aids. 

We have a Hearing Library full of resources for you about hearing health, hearing aids, hearing loss and how to communicate with loved ones and colleagues. We’ve even included some articles for them to read so that they can give you the support and consideration you need. 

Finally, and arguably the most beneficial component to Lexie Hearing customers is the Lexie Rewards program. It is a truly unique rewards program that was developed to guide and support customers from the first day of wearing their hearing aids. Through the program they can earn points when they reach their wearing goals or activity goals. These points can earn customers up to 15% discount on their monthly subscription, or they can redeem their points when they make purchases through the Lexie app

How is it so affordable?

It’s simple really. 

  • Smart tech: We managed to create an affordable hearing care program, by leveraging smart technology and a streamlined business model.
  • Remote care: exceptional quality and an outstanding customer experience are the cornerstones of the Lexie brand. We use technological developments to ensure that we meet and exceed service and quality standards, at a drastically reduced price.
  • No middleman: we’ve taken out the middleman and put customers in control of their own listening experience. They get all the benefits, without the high associated costs.


What’s your next step? It’s easy, visit or call us at (779) 212-7334 to chat to a hearing expert today.

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