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Senior Simplicity Smart touch Hearing Aids

by Kimberly Johnson

Simplicity…the name says it all.

Simplicity…the name says it all. Start enjoying the pleasure of everyday sounds of life again quickly and easily! Imagine hearing and participating in conversation with confidence in restaurants, in meetings, or at shopping malls. Hear everyday sounds like the doorbell, birds in the yard, or a young child’s voice once again. The Simplicity Smart Touch hearing aid increases high-frequency sounds which people typically lose first. Giving you what you need and not giving you low-frequencies that you probably don’t need. Simplicity Hearing Aids, Smart touch, Hearing, Aids

If you are new to hearing devices, our very simple quick-start DVD demonstrates how to wear, operate and maintain your new device – you’re wearing it in just minutes!
SeniorSimplicityEarProduct Features
Simplicity offers comfort and sound quality
The mini size of the device is lightweight; it can be comfortably worn all day long, and does not interfere with eyeglasses. The open fit design of the soft sound dome leaves the ear canal unblocked, allowing natural sounds to pass through without being amplified. This highly desirable design will eliminate any “tunnel” or “echo” sensation.
Advanced active feedback management helps reduce annoying feedback or whistling noise that is a common side effect with hearing aids. The nearly invisible micro poly-tube offers comfort and flexibility for extended wear time. The Simplicity Smart Touch advanced 100% digital hearing aid provides excellent sound reproduction and speech enhancement. Programmed for a mild-to-moderate high frequency hearing loss the Simplicity Smart Touch hearing aid has four volume levels to choose from.VolumeSeniorSimlicity
– Words from our Technicians –
“The Simplicity Smart Touch hearing aid is a professional hearing aid manufactured in the United States under FDA standards often retailing for $2,000 each. The reason the device is less expensive is because the product is not custom programmed to your specific hearing loss. Building custom hearing aids since 1984 and looking at thousands of hearing test we developed a sound shape for an average mild-to-moderate high frequency hearing loss. This device is not intended for people with a severe loss. These hearing aids offer significant BENEFIT by providing high fidelity sound amplification; however, they have minimal COST. Significant BENEFIT with minimal COST results in VALUE to the user. With a 90-day 100% money back trial period there is nothing to lose, but your hearing to gain. Still not sure….. Try talking to the manufacturer at one of those other hearing aid companies…..”
Enlarge Image
SmartouchGraphicWhy Smart Touch
Smart Touch refers to the advanced 100% digital processing circuitry with an easy to use selector button. With just a quick press of the selector button, you can choose from one of four pre-programmed volume levels to provide optimum listening quality for your day-to-day hearing situations. The device does not amplify all sounds equaly, we are shaping the sounds for the human speech frequencies giving you assistance right where you need it. Not only will speech sounds be improved, but also the richness of everyday sounds once as well. Simplicity Smart Touch discreetly and comfortably fits behind the ear for both men and women. If this is the type of hearing help you are looking for, offered at an affordable price, then Simplicity Smart Touch might be the perfect choice for you.
Please see our “More Information” section for a product comparison chart of the various devices currently offered on this site.
Simplicity Technology

    • Open ear design (free-field) is virtually occlusion free. No “plugged up” feeling
    • Same quality components as used in professional devices
    • Miniature size of device is very light and comfortable yet durable.
    • Features state of the art feedback circuitry to help reduce feedback or whistling noise.
    • Equipped with an easy to use push-button control that delivers optimum clarity in any sound environment.
    • Four volume levels are laboratory pre-programmed by an audiologist.
    • Poly micro tube design less prone to ear wax, maintains optimum performance and extended reliability.
    • Designed for men and women
    • LowBat warning “beeps” to alert you that the battery needs to be replaced.
    • Uses size #10 hearing aid battery
    • Warrranty 1 year coverage parts and labor
    • Made in the USA

colorssmarttouchNew Colors Now Available.
The Simplicity SmartTouch is now available in choice of new colors! Choose between Beige, Brown, Gray, and Black.
In The Box
simply soft smart touch 03Everything You Need To Start Hearing

    • Your medical grade hearing aid
    • Deluxe zippered pouch
    • Quick-start DVD
    • Cleaning tool
    • Premium size #10 hearing aid battery
    • User manual
    • Toll-free customer support hotline

Purchase the Simplicity Smart Touch today from our certified distributor, Senior.com, with Free Shipping!

Senior Simplicity Smart touch Hearing Aids

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