Dennis Says: Let’s Compare Clippers

Don’t worry about shaky hands. You can still cut your own finger and toenails with clippers designed with seniors in mind. Did you know that all primates including humans have nails instead of claws? It makes it easier for us to pick things up (like food) and pick things off (like insects). Humans are members of the primate family. Non-human primates include our monkey and ape friends. We all have finger and toenails that need cutting regularly to stay healthy.

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Dennis Dart

Dennis Dart is a semi-retired attorney, who recently started “Dennis Says”, a YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing products and gadgets for seniors, mixing in a bit of humor along the way. Dennis lives in Orange County, California with his wife, two college-aged children and two Labs. Dennis had spent the last twenty years living in Poland and Russia working for an American real estate investment fund as its legal counsel. Dennis tries to stay fit and healthy through yoga, daily cycling, and weight training. In his spare time, Dennis enjoys good whisky and wine, in moderation, as well as traveling. Back in the day, he graduated from the University of California at Davis and the University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law. Dennis is a native Californian and proud of it.

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