Cruising with Control

There are many reasons to choose a cruise ship for your vacation over land-based options. This article will cover the four most compelling reasons to choose cruising for your dream vacation. Cruising with Control
Cruising ship vacations are all inclusive. Cruising with Control

You know upfront what you are going to spend on your vacation. Your fare includes your transportation, dining, entertainment, and use of the ships many facilities. On a luxury cruise even your wine, spirits, shore excursions, gratuities, and airfare might be included in your fare.
Cruising with ControlCruising allows you to explore the world, and you only need to unpack once!
If there is navigable water, there is probably a cruise ship available to take you there. Cruises can range from a few days getaway to a hundred day plus around the world cruise. There are river cruises in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. There are adventure cruises that take you up the Amazon, into the Alaskan wilderness, or to the Galapagos Islands. Ships range in size from a few couples to over 5000 passengers.
Cruise ship vacations offer something for everyone. Cruising with Control
Do you want to sit on deck, or your private balcony, and read a book? Or perhaps watch a movie under the stars, after a gourmet dinner. Maybe climb a rock wall, zip line, golf, or even surf on board the ship. Try your luck in the casino, or dance the night away. Work out in the gym followed by a relaxing spa massage. See ancient ruins, visit the world’s best museums, or hike a rain forest. These are just a few of the things you can experience on a cruise vacation. Of course you can do nothing at all if that suits your desire.
Your meals are included on your cruise vacation.
Gourmet dining is one of the benefits of a cruise ship vacation. You will not go hungry as options range from a 24-hour buffet, to sit down formal dining, or maybe the sushi bar, pizzeria, or fresh bakery appeals to you. Feel like eating healthy? There are always healthy as well as vegetarian, and kosher options on board. You do not need to gain weight on a cruise! In fact we have lost weight on cruises.

Why Cruise? Cruising with Control

Economical travel, go any where in the world, do anything, enjoy the many dining options!

Cruising with Control

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