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Importance of Daily Schedules for Senior Citizens

by Jeff Dailey
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Importance of Daily Schedules for Senior Citizens

Importance of Daily Schedules for Senior CitizensOne of the main complaints retirees have is that they miss their daily schedule. When they were working, they would wake up, get ready and go off to work. After work, they would have dinner, enjoy some television and then head off to bed. When there is no work, days can seem as though they never end. It can seem as though there is no purpose in life. It can become depressing. Importance of Daily Schedules for Senior Citizens

Daily Schedule for Senior Citizens

One of the best things senior citizens can do is create a schedule for themselves. This may mean waking up in the morning, having breakfast and then going for a walk. It may mean coming home from that walk, cleaning a little, having lunch and then heading off to have some social time with friends. It doesn’t have to be anything intense and it doesn’t have to be a schedule that is strictly followed each day. It just has to be a schedule that gives them something to do each day.
Schedules give senior citizens something to look forward to each day. It gives them something to do. Without one, they may just sit around and wonder why they continue to just sit around. The depression that comes from that can be debilitating. It can feed the behavior, which will make it harder for seniors to get out of it when they do want to make a change. They will be on the depression cycle.

How You Can Have a Loved One on the Depression Cycle

People can’t make changes quickly and easily overnight. The only thing you can do is ask your loved one to make one small change. For example, start to take a small walk after breakfast. One your loved one can do that comfortable, you can what else he or she would like to do each day. He or she can then implement that into the schedule. Little by little the schedule will be created, and all it takes is some mild coaching from you.

How to Coach Your Loved One

Do not pester. This will cause your loved one to become upset. Simply mention if he or she has taken a walk today. If not, just ask why not or leave it at that if he or she seems annoyed by you asking. Just go with the flow and if your loved one does take a walk, encourage the behavior by acknowledging how good that is.
Coaching can be a difficult thing to do when your senior doesn’t want to implement a routine. Just be patient. It may be that he or she doesn’t want to do what you have suggested. If that’s the case, come up with something with your loved one. Once you find something that interests him or her, you can then coach.
Just be flexible and compassionate. It can be hard for people to change their routine, no matter their age. Give it time and encouragement and soon you may just see your loved one come around to having a schedule that keeps him or her happy and healthy.
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