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Is your Furnace Filter Making You SICK?

by Jeff Dailey

Is your Furnace Filter Making You SICK?
FilterWe all know how important nutritious food and clean drinking water are to our health. But rarely do we consider another major health factor we cannot see, touch, or taste: the air we breathe. Medical studies confirm that many people unknowingly breathe “sick” air in their homes and offices every day- air that contains common microscopic elements like pollen, dust mites, and bacteria. As this polluted air is absorbed into our skin, lungs, and blood cells, it often causes or aggravates allergic reactions, headaches, fatigue, recurring colds, breathing difficulties, dizziness, nausea, and serious respiratory diseases. Is your Furnace Filter Making You SICK?I
Air conditioner filters commonly used in residential applications are often inefficient, low cost furnace filters purchased from a local hardware store. These filters generally consist of a cardboard frame housing fiber mats or blankets of varying thickness, fiber sizes, and densities. Manufacturers recommend changing these filters regularly, however, homeowners rarely follow such recommendations.
As a result, particulate buildup on the filter increases thereby increasing the pressure drop or resistance across the furnace filter. When this occurs the airflow naturally seeks the path of least resistance. Since the thin cardboard filter frames provide a poor perimeter seal, when the resistance increases, air tends to leak around the frame edges thereby completely avoiding filtration.
One company recently received a US patent for a new, efficient, air conditioning filter incorporating a plurality of filtration methods in series configuration for optimum filtration performance and low resistance. The invention comprises: a rigid frame custom fabricated and sized for a conventional air handling unit filter track, a gasket attached to the frame for providing a seal to prevent air bypass, a conventional replaceable dry-type filter media, viscous impingement media, and an electrets or electrostatic filter, arranged in series.
These new furnace filters have been engineered to eliminate the many problems found in ordinary furnace filters. They are available through air conditioning companies and home inspectors; you can also find them on the internet by searching Air Sponge Filters.

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