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Seniors Regaining Independence Where They Need It Most

by Jeff Dailey
Seniors Regaining Independence Where They Need It Most

On average, people use the toilet at least 6 times a day. It is one of the most basic activities in life and is also one of the most common reasons for seniors to start losing their independence. As we age, cognitive and balance issues can make going to the bathroom difficult and in some cases, even dangerous. Seniors all over the world are now turning to the bidet for help. Seniors Regaining Independence Where They Need It Most

What is a bidet?

Bidets have long been known as a hands-free way to wash sensitive areas with a stream of water. When using a bidet, there is no need to bend or twist your body to wipe. The bidet’s cleansing stream of water will do all the cleanup with little to no need to dry yourself.

Improves cleanliness

Seniors often experience a lack of proper cleanliness due to an inability to wipe after using the toilet. Bidets offer a cleansing spray of water for cleanup, only needing a small pat to dry off. Some bidets will even include dryers that can eliminate the need for drying yourself altogether.

Brings independence in the bathroom

We spend most of our lives experiencing a bathroom trip alone. When we age, a solo bathroom trip can become challenging and, in some situations, dangerous. Bidets eliminate the need to wipe which can result in a senior being able to take bathroom trips alone once again. For many seniors, this is a huge help towards keeping their independence.

Easy to install

Bidet installation has become increasingly easy over the years and has resulted in customers not needing to call a plumber or electrician for help. The installation process can be done by hand and be completed in under an hour to modify your ordinary toilet with comforting bidet features.

Improves the quality of life

Take back your independence and clean in comfort with the new standard in bathroom hygiene. Bidets can provide the ability to enter the bathroom alone with safety and confidence. For many seniors, a bidet improves their quality of life with just one use.
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