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Fun Apps for Elders

by Jeff Dailey
Fun Apps for Elders

Not Just for Calls: Fun Apps to Get Seniors Familiar with Their Smartphones

The best thing about smartphones is that they aren’t just for making phone calls. There are tons of different things you can do on today’s mobile devices and learning how to use one can be a fun experience for seniors. Fun Apps for Elders
Oftentimes, seniors may not want to worry about learning new technologies, but smartphones are actually easy to learn and worth taking the time to do so. Not only can they help keep you in contact with your family, they can provide hours of entertainment. Here are a few apps that can help seniors learn about their smartphones. Fun Apps for Elders

Coloring Book for Me & Mandala

The main way the people interface with smartphones is through the touchscreen capabilities. Knowing where to touch and when to touch are important to know, and this coloring book app can help seniors learn the different touching techniques.
By using a coloring book, seniors can learn how to hone in on the areas they want to interact with. This will quickly teach them about the touch technology properties through trial and error while having a visible reward when they succeed.
The app has hundreds of colors and designs to choose from, so they will always have something new to color: everything from plants and animals to geometric designs like mandalas are available for free through the app. They can also share their creations with their family and friends through social media or email. A few praises from the people they care about can really go a long way in making seniors want to stay with a hobby. Fun Apps for Elders


Another prominent smartphone feature is cameras, which can be a little tricky to learn at first for some seniors. By using a face-to-face call service like Skype, seniors can quickly learn how to manipulate the cameras so they can talk to their family and friends.
Skype will show seniors how to use the forward-facing camera to have conversations over the phone as if they were in the same room as the person they are talking to. The app will show the other person on a large portion of the screen, while they will be able to see themselves in a small window at the bottom. This can help them familiarize themselves with the smartphone orientation and camera capabilities. Fun Apps for Elders


There are too many games that seniors can enjoy on their smartphones to name any specific ones. If they browse the store, they will be sure to find one that appeals to them quickly.
After they learn the basics of the smartphone, they can play almost any game offered, whether it’s an old-school game like chess, checkers or even board games like Monopoly, or a new puzzle or mystery game, there are hundred — if not thousands — of games that seniors can enjoy when they want a little time alone.
Seniors may balk at the idea of having a smartphone, but these apps can really help them quickly learn how to use one.

Fun Apps for Elders

Fun Apps for Elders Fun Apps for Elders Fun Apps for Elders Fun Apps for Elders Fun Apps for Elders

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