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Convenient Health Resource for Seniors

by Carol Marak
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Being a solo senior aging at home, and like many patients, I don’t have quick access to a physician. Yes, I could call the doctor’s office and schedule a visit but as it stands today, appointments take at least a month to get in. Not so good if you just want a follow up visit.

And if I have a non-emergency question or simply want a second opinion about a health care matter, I always relied on the web for answers. However, the web never served up results that addressed my specific concerns, nor can it answer my question like a live doctor can.

Get Health Advice

Where do you go when you want clarification about an illness, a diagnosis, or non-emergency health issue? For some on a Medicare Advantage Plan, we may have access to an on-demand doctor visit without leaving the house. The visit takes place using a smart phone, tablet, or computer 24 hours a day. The only problem, it costs $30 out-of-pocket per visit. And $75 if the health care plan doesn’t offer the service.

That’s why I got excited when a friend told me about another option for getting medical advice, one that I could use quickly and easily, and more affordably. It’s called the Family Caregiver Benefit Plan. No, you don’t have to be a family caregiver to sign up for it. Anyone can. It’s $5.00 a month is you sign up for the 12 month plan, or $5.99 month to month.

The Family Caregiver Benefit Plan gives me easy access to physicians, dermatologists, psychiatrists, attorneys, dietitians, and more, via email. In the past two months, I’ve used it for a chronic condition, nutritional advice, my eczema flare up, digestion issues, and to set up a simple and living will. It’s unlimited on how many times a subscriber can use it. I’ve found it extremely useful for the many questions that come to mind with my health and well-being. The advice is thorough, very knowledgeable, caring and prompt. I get an answer within 3 hours. See the full list of medical professionals by visiting https://www.carolmarak.com/family-caregiver-benefit-plan.

If you’re a family caregiver, a parent, an adult child or sibling looking to get medical, health, and legal guidance while managing a loved one’s care, then you already know that…. you need a reliable expert to empower you to do your best job.

Using the plan, a subscriber also gets discounts on medications, durable medical equipment, lab testing, hearing aids, MRI and CT Scans.

Remember I mentioned legal guidance? Yesterday I was given an attorney’s name here in Dallas to have a free simple and living will done. Today, I got a follow-up call from customer service asking if the attorney has contacted me. What service!

I just want you to know there’s an easy way to get medical, legal, nutritional, mental, and other professional advice at a low-cost fee. It’s the best affordable peace of mind for me.

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