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9 Simple Tips to Get Rid of Back Pain for Seniors

by Guest Blogger
Back Pain

Nature is full of remedies that can help reduce back pain. The remedies have been used by communities for centuries and have been tested and approved by the consequent generations. The senior members experience back pain due to various reasons.

The primary causes can be posture, food and inactivity. The senior member can learn to eat healthy foods and to do simple exercises to keep off back pain. Most of the exercises can be done even at the senior care at home and the results can be significant.

Consume anti-inflammatory drink daily

Anti-inflammatory drinks help to boost the production of pain-reducing agents in your body. If you regularly consume anti-inflammatory drinks, the agents build up in your body and significantly reduce your back pain.

The drinks also contain antioxidants, which help clean your blood, leaving your body better and healthier. Some of the anti-inflammatory drinks include turmeric milk, cherry juice, and green ginger tea. The anti-pain agents can also help fight cancer cells.

Keep a healthy weight

According to medical writers for an assignment help online, when body fat builds in your body and you gain weight considerably, the extra pounds exert more pressure on your hip and lower back muscles. If the pressure continues for long, your back develops pain, which at times can be severe.

Some of the foods that help increase weight in the body are high carbohydrate foods like sweet potatoes, bread and other wheat products. Try to avoid high starch food and eat more proteins and vitamins.

Take medications

Healthcare professionals can subscribe to medication that can help reduce back pain. The medication has an anti-inflammatory effect and if they are taken according to the health professional’s advice, they will positively work and help back pain reduction.

If it’s possible to avoid frequent medication and concentrate on natural methods, the result can be faster and lasting.

Do simple exercises

The senior member may not be able to do vigorous exercises, but simple exercises can help. One of the recommended exercises for seniors is walking at least 20 minutes a day. It will help relax the muscles around the hips. The heart will also be healthy because of an increased heartbeat.

There are other simple exercises the seniors can do like stretching, or bending and they will help relax the back and the muscles around the backbone. If the senior member makes simple exercise a routine, it can significantly reduce back pain.

Keep an upright posture

Posture is another contributing factor to back pain. When you are seated, try the best you can to keep an upright posture. You can use a pillow to support your back or use a seat with back support. Your back pain can increase if you sit leaning forward or sideways because you exert pressure on your spinal muscles.

When standing, do not bend forward or sideways. Instead, try your best to maintain an upright posture. It will help reduce your back pain.

Sleep on a good mattress

Manufacturers have studied human sleeping behavior and have produced some of the best orthopedic mattresses. They help keep your body in a better position when sleeping. A poor-quality mattress can lead to a lot of pain in your body, specifically on your back, which can lead to bone complications.

Always put a pillow under your head to ensure you are comfortable when sleeping. Another thing to consider is ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours every day.

Try meditation

Meditation helps to connect your physical body to your soul and when the two connect, it is believed that healing is triggered in the body and can relieve pain. It can be hard if you are not used to meditation, but as you continue practicing, you can eventually stay in meditation for at least 40 minutes per day.

Take hot showers

A hot shower can help relax your muscles after a tedious day. The senior’s muscles can contract because of inactivity leading to back pain. If they take a hot shower in the evening, their muscles can relax and, in turn, reduce the level of back pain.

Massage your back

Body massage is believed to cause relaxation effects in the body. A smooth massage on the back will help relax your body and it can give the senior member a few days of relaxed muscles and thus less back pain.


Our back supports our body structure and it must be taken care of always. The senior member can be helped to take care of their back by being encouraged to eat right. The caregiver or family member can assist them in doing simple exercises around the compound or walking for a few minutes outdoors. Inactivity is a great contributor to back pain and the senior member can be helped to do simple chores within the house or in the garden.

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