Women, Money and Investing

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Women, Money and InvestingWomen have overtaken men and now control more than half of all personal wealth in the United States today. That amounts to $14 trillion controlled by women and by 2020 that number is projected to be $22 trillion. Several trends are driving this shift. First is the
growth of women in the workforce which has grown tremendously since 1980 but the main factor is women are inheriting more wealth. As women see their wealth grow, now their need to manage it effectively is increasing as well. However, even with this shift in wealth women tend to not have confidence managing their wealth. Women, Money and Investing

  • Less than one in five women invest online
  • 44% of women surveyed by WorthFM said they have not been actively involved in investing aside from their 401K
  • 65% of women offered a retirement plan through work do not take advantage of their 401K
  • The number one goal of women age 55 to 64 is simply to save money
  • Only 47% of women say they would be confident discussing money and investing with a financial professional on their own
  • 75% of women want to learn more about money and investing

Fnl_Apriem_Logo_WOW-01In 2014 Apriem Advisors started Apriem Women of Wisdom (WOW). Our mission is to focus on the unique financial needs of women by celebrating, encouraging, embracing and educating. We hold monthly events with a variety of topics such as Investing 101, Social Security, Medicare, Estate Planning, College Planning Charitable Planning and Taxes. During these events we invite our women clients to participate in becoming more informed investors by expanding their knowledge of financial issues. Our hope is women will gain confidence by discussing their needs and fears during our events and will begin to organize their financial life and gain a greater peace of mind. Please join us and be a part of our Apriem Women of Wisdom (WOW)… www.apriem.com.
Megan Piedmont, Wealth Advisor
Apriem Advisors
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