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How can identity thieves use your personal information?

by Kylie Johnson

If an identity thief gets ahold of your information, it can be used in many ways. Your Social Security number can be used to create new accounts, take out a loan or apply for a job. Your bank account can be drained and fraudulent purchases can be made. Someone can use your information to see a doctor or get prescription drugs. If you lose your driver’s license or your wallet is stolen, someone might use your ID to avoid a DUI or speeding ticket or might try to purchase controlled items.

  • If you’re a parent, teach your kids safe online practices, and limit what information you post about them on social media. If you get suspicious mail for your child, consider checking your child’s credit report, and report any fraudulent activity.
  • If you’re a veteran, take care to set up active-duty alerts and notify banks and agencies when you move to keep your information safe. It’s also important to read your financial statements often and routinely check your credit report. If you were recently deployed, you might not have noticed fraudulent activity.
  • If you’re a business owner, install encryption software on company computers and networks to prevent breaches. Only allow a few trustworthy employees to have access to sensitive information, such as Tax ID numbers. Monitor your company’s credit report the same way you would your own.


If you suspect you’ve already been targeted by an identity thief, you will need to learn how to check for identity theft and then report it.

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