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Who Can You Trust to Help Make Your Medicare Decisions?

by My Senior Health Plan
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The many choices and options related to Medicare Advantage and/or Supplement Plans are enough to overwhelm even the most educated among us. You want to make the right selections, but without the proper guidance and direction, these decisions are dizzying.

You’re aware of how easily you could get stuck with a plan you don’t need or want, but you’d probably rather endure a colonoscopy than spend countless hours researching different plans.

Yes, navigating the world of Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Insurance is difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. My Senior Health Plan will help you find you the right coverage at the right price—the plan that truly fits your needs and budget.

Here’s why My Senior Health Plan is the right choice for your healthcare needs.

Understand your options

There are numerous Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plan options. Not all of these plans are created equal, and each one is designed to address a specific set of medical needs. So which one is right for you?

My Senior Health Plan prides itself on offering a comprehensive, personalized service that addresses these questions directly. Their representatives will work with you to determine what’s important to you and how that translates to a Medicare plan.

They take the time to not just listen but also understand where you’re coming from and why. With this information, they use their expertise to find the right options to satisfy your needs and budget. My Senior Health Plan takes the guesswork out of Medicare coverage by presenting plans that meet your coverage needs at a price you can afford.

Review your current plan

If you already have a Medicare plan in place, My Senior Health Plan will conduct a complimentary review of your coverage to ensure you’re protected. They take the time to get to know every one of their customers so they can offer the absolute right coverage options, no matter what your situation.

As they review your current coverage, they will provide insight on the right times to change your Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Plans. Medicare has stringent rules on when beneficiaries can make changes to their plans, but with My Senior Health Plan, you don’t have to worry. They know when and how to make changes to your plan, and they’ll take care of the heavy lifting for you!

Save money on coverage

Understanding what coverage you need means also understanding your budget. If you’re on a fixed or low income, they’ll make sure you have an affordable plan with low out-of-pocket expenses.

My Senior Health Plan understands the budgetary constraints faced by most seniors. They don’t pressure their customers into buying coverage they can’t afford. They know there are plenty of options available to meet every seniors’ financial needs.

Check prescription coverage

For many seniors, prescription drugs are their biggest medical expense. They’ve got to have these costs covered, but few know how to find the right prescription drug coverage.

The Medicare professionals at My Senior Health Plan are well-versed in the prescription drug plans and will help you find a plan to suit your needs while keeping your out-of-pocket costs low.

Enjoy lifetime support

My Senior Health Plan is here for you, long after you’ve selected coverage. They provide personalized service to ensure their customers are happy and confident in their Medicare coverage selections.

They also understand how situations change and that when they do, needs change, too. An annual coverage review is standard at My Senior Health Plan. Every year, they’ll happily reevaluate your situation and coverage options to provide guidance on if and how you should change your Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Plan.

Contact My Senior Health Plan today to learn more about their services and your coverage options.

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