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What is HBO Now?

by Steve Black
What is HBO Now?

Nowadays there are so many online streaming services to choose from. Many people don’t even pay for standard TV anymore because they prefer the ability to watch unlimited shows and movies for one low monthly price. However, these services are often limited in what they have permission to give their viewers access to, often determined by where the viewer is located. What is HBO Now?
For example, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Shomi have gained millions of users in the past few years. However, none of them have gained permission to stream some of our favourite shows and movies that are only on HBO! This is a problem that HBO Now solves. What is HBO Now?

What is HBO Now?

HBO Now is an online streaming service in the US for movies and shows that HBO has created or gained access to. Create an account with a compatible device and stream your favourite HBO content anytime, anyplace – even in a web browser. HBO Now allows you unlimited access to HBO programs without a TV service provider. What is HBO Now?

HBO Now vs HBO Go

HBO Now is different from HBO Go because you do not need a TV service provider to use it. HBO Go and HBO Now allow users the same unlimited access to HBO and other hit programs, and can be used on virtually the same devices and platforms. HBO Now costs $14.99/month while HBO GO is free with your paid TV subscription. What is HBO Now?

How HBO Now works: 4 things you get with your HBO Now subscription

1. Easy sign up and a free trial

Signing up for HBO Now is fast and simple, and gives you immediate access to your favorite programs. Simply enter some basic information, set up a credit card or sign in to a Paypal account, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget that HBO Now only works in the United States, so you must be a resident there, and must be physically located there to stream from HBO Now.
HBO Now also offers every user a one-month free trial, which entitles you to the full service as if you were paying for it! You can cancel your subscription at any time, including right before you must start paying for it if you just want to binge-watch HBO for a month.

2. Unlimited Access for $14.99/month

Your HBO Now subscription gets you unlimited access to HBO programming for the low cost of $14.99/month. And by unlimited – HBO really means unlimited. With over ten different services with dozens of compatible devices, you can use your HBO Now account on as many devices as you have! You can even stream on multiple devices simultaneously! What is HBO Now?

3. HBO shows and movies you can’t get anywhere else

Aside from having a subscription to HBO through your TV service provider, there used to be no other way you can get access to HBO shows and movies. HBO has always been very exclusive because their programs are that good. If you can’t stop watching HBO, but don’t want to pay the pricey fee for it through your TV service provider, then HBO Now is the solution.
However, if you have already paid for an HBO subscription, you get the same services for free through HBO Go! Just sign up at HBONow.com, and use your TV service provider login to register. That way, you can get all your favorite HBO shows on the go, or on multiple devices in your house. No more falling asleep on the couch because you can’t stop watching HBO – take it right to bed with you on your tablet or mobile phone! What is HBO Now?

4. Access to non-HBO content

HBO Now has access to a lot of other content as well. So when you want to take a break from HBO, you know there are plenty of other shows and movies that you can choose from. There’s even a large selection of shows and movies for kids, so HBO Now can be great for the whole family! You can also easily enable the parental controls for your account to make sure that your children don’t stream Game of Thrones instead of Sesame Street
So why use HBO Now? You get unlimited access to your favorite HBO shows and movies, anywhere and anytime you want. Also, other than with a TV subscription, you can’t get HBO content anywhere else. If you just can’t stop watching HBO, this streaming service may be right for you.
Check out our full HBO Now Course, where we’ll be covering how to sign up for HBO Now, how much it can cost you, and how to use it on your computer or on your compatible device. If you aren’t sure if it’s for you, check out our Review of HBO Now to see if HBO Now will be worth it.

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