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Tips finding the Right Therapist or Counselor

by Kendall VanBlarcom

When you decide you need someone to talk to, know that finding the right therapist can take a bit of research and time. But, once you have found a professional you are comfortable with, it will be easier to achieve the life changes you desire.

In fact you may find a personal consultant is a better fit, there are differences between talk therapists and personal consultants. Talk to people you trust and do a bit of research to find the right therapist for you.

Seek a Specialist

When you are considering who might be a good fit, think about why you are considering seeing someone in the first place. For example, if you are an older adult or a caregiver, know that Kendall Van Blarcom, the founder of Van Blarcom Consulting, has been successfully serving these communities for years.

Specialists are available for a wide range of issues. While it isn’t a necessity, it is possible seeing a specialist will bring you the results you are seeking. There are many areas of mental health. So, if you are seeking to heal from an eating disorder, the best use of your time may be to seek out a therapist who is specialized in that field, for instance.

Ask Questions When Finding the Right Therapist

Once you have the contact information for a therapist of interest, or if you have a list of possible candidates, reach out to ask any questions you might have. Below are a handful of possible questions.

When you ask your questions, recognize how you feel about the relationship. Do you feel at ease talking to the therapist? Does the counselor seem interested in you and your situation?

Set Goals

Once you have accomplished your task of finding the right therapist or counselor, think about what the goal of therapy is for you. Write down your initial thoughts about goal setting. Then, you and your potential therapist can discuss how those goals may be obtained and what the timeframe might be. Of course, when you are starting therapy, these goals are more of roadmap than a guarantee. Still, it’s good to know what you are striving for so you can feel the accomplishment of achieving results.

Once you identify your goals and decide where you will begin your journey to healing, you are on a path to a better life. Reach out to take the first step and get started.

Build Relationships

While accomplishments may be important, when finding a therapist a good relationship takes priority. Often the best results come when you work with a therapist who is accepting and warm. These traits can be even more essential than degrees from prestigious universities or professional accolades. You want to share your experiences with someone you feel comfortable with and trust.

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