Tips to Find Your Car with a Phone Video

Tips to Find Your Car with a Phone Video

You can’t remember where you parked? Use your videographic memory! Tips to Find Your Car with a Phone Video
Have you ever parked your vehicle in a large lot and forgotten where you left it? This is a natural phenomenon that happens to many people each day, and you’re not alone if it happens to you. How can you stop it from happening without installing a tracking device in your car? Use the technology you already have in your pocket. Tips to Find Your Car with a Phone Video
Cell phones offer a wealth of functions at your fingertips, but you’ll only need one to track your vehicle’s location – your phone’s camera. After parking your vehicle anywhere other than your own driveway or a spot reserved just for you at your favorite store, pull out your cell phone and follow the following process:

  • Switch the device to video mode and press the record button.
  • Make a 360-degree video of the area around your vehicle, moving slowly while recording to avoid blurring the image. Be sure to point the camera at any identifying landmarks, including signs indicating a unique location in the lot (such as Lot C), a fixed object near your car (like a shopping cart return rack), or if none of these are available, point the camera at a unique feature on the building you want to enter and record its location compared to where you’re standing (halfway down the parking lot aisle across from the Starbucks logo).
  • Do not attempt to walk while making a video. Walking while using your cell phone is dangerous and will distract you from your surroundings. When you’re finished taking your video, shut down the phone and return it to where you normally store it before walking to your destination.
  • When you’re finished with your trip, open the video you recorded and review the footage to refresh your memory. Avoid entering the parking lot before reviewing the footage and do not walk while watching the video.

When possible, try to park next to a fixed object to make it easier to find your vehicle. Don’t use other vehicles as identifying locations. These vehicles may not be there when you return.
Why should you take video of your surroundings instead of photos? Photos will record whatever you point it at, just like a video, but videos are better at providing an immersive experience. Think of watching a slideshow of photos from a tropical island vacation compared to watching a video of the tropical paradise. The photos are nice, but the video draws the viewer more fully into the scene. This immersion is what you need to give yourself the best chance at finding your vehicle with minimal hassle.
A video might also capture more of your surroundings than a collection of photos. Photos are great at capturing what you think is important, but a 360-degree video of your surroundings will help you capture nuances you might miss – things that could help you track your vehicle.
You might not have to take videos everywhere you park your vehicle, but whenever you park in an unfamiliar area or in the middle of a sea of other cars, having that video handy will act as a form of videographic memory, reminding you where you parked.

Tips to Find Your Car with a Phone Video

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