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Staying Healthy on Quarantine, Top 5 tips

by Guest Blogger
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The COVID-19 pandemic affects everyone in the world, no matter where the age. Quarantine measures have been put in place to prevent citizens from getting sick or infecting their fellows. Staying healthy during quarantine is simple, as long as you know what you must and must not do. Here are some of the most basic do’s and don’ts. Health is important, so respecting some of these guidelines could make a difference.

  1. Get into a daily routine

Keeping an on-going routine is crucial for productivity. You need to set a schedule and prioritize your activities accordingly. It’s important to know when and how to do certain activities; otherwise, you might get overwhelmed by all this free time.

Been there, done that. I’ve been a couch potato for the first weeks of the pandemic. I was basically unable to do anything because I couldn’t find the motivation for it. Time passed and I realized I must change something if I want to start feeling more active and therefore, better. Setting up a daily routine was helpful, so maybe that’d be a favorable thing for you to try as well.

  1. Exercise often

The more you exercise, the more accomplished you’ll feel. That’s because exercising makes your body feel more active and therefore prone to work harder. So, it’s important that you include exercise in your daily quarantine routine. You could watch fitness trainers on YouTube and get inspired from there. There are many channels that can help you learn how to work out from home, you just have to find the right ones.

Don’t think that weightlifting is the only workout available out there. If you’re not into that, you could take an online Zumba class or do some yoga while you’re at it. This is your time to learn something new in this aspect, so take on sports, even if it’s something super easy. You’ll soon feel better.

  1. Eat healthy foods

Since you’ll be working out, your body will need more nutrients. Make sure you are offering yourself the right type of food. Since you’re at home the whole time, you should be able to cook more. Make sure you order all the groceries you need online and look up recipes that you’d like to make. You don’t have to spend too much time on this. However, make sure you’re taking some time to cook for yourself. Eat lots of veggies and soups *especially during the winter* and make sure that you stay hydrated. Your diet is super important for your health and well-being.

  1. Use your time wisely and be productive

Becoming productive is a process that can be learned – the fact that you procrastinate does not mean you’re failing. Whenever you don’t feel like being productive, take a small break. Walk around the house, stretch, read one or two of your favorite motivational quotes, and get back to being productive. When your body doesn’t feel like working, don’t force it to sit down. Listen to yourself and convince yourself of why it is important to continue the task at hand. Once you figure that out, you’ll become more motivated to work, and everything will unfold easier.

  1. Get enough rest

Since you’re at home all day, you might find yourself less motivated to sleep (especially when you’re on a work roll). You might be tempted to spend late nights at your desk and finish most of your online duties ahead of time. While productivity is a great thing to practice when working a senior online job, don’t forget about resting. Your body needs to rest in order to stay productive. So, get good sleep – rest for at least 7 to 8 hours per night.

Plus 2 Bonus Tips

We think these two other extra tips are important to note, so here they are.

Find balance by taking care of yourself

Taking care of yourself means more than resting and eating well. Take time to meditate or exercise at least 30 minutes each day – you’ve got enough time to spare. Make room for a rather mindful practice in your routine. If you cannot meditate for 30 minutes at first, start with 5 or 10. If you prefer journaling to meditation, ensure that you’re writing down your feelings daily. Checking in with yourself is always a good idea.

Connect with other people

Don’t forget to connect with other people. As humans, we are social beings in need of daily interaction. So, even if you’re not seeing anyone, Skype or Zoom them every now and then. Of course, quarantine is a great time to enjoy some time alone, but don’t forget to interact, at least minimally. Keep everyone updated on how you feel – and have a good laugh with your best friends.

Wrapping Up

Form a daily routine, eat healthily, get rest, exercise, and be productive, and quarantine will pass in no time. Don’t forget to connect with other people and take time for your soul. Happy quarantine, my friend!

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John Peterson is an essay writer online with 4 years’ experience working in London magazine “Shop&buy”. He provides the best writing services for students. In his free time, John is a professional mini-tennis player. He has written a novel “His heart”. You can find him on Facebook.

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