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Senior Simply Soft Hearing Aids

by Jeff Dailey

Simply Soft SmartTouch…the ultimate in comfort.
If you are experiencing difficulty hearing in most everyday listening situations, then the Simply Soft Smart Touch might be the right choice for you! Once again, you will enjoy participating in conversation with confidence whether at home with family or while watching TV, or in challenging situations such as in restaurants or at meetings. Simply Soft provides a soft, comfortable fit for both men and women.
If you are new to hearing devices, our very simple quick-start DVD demonstrates how to wear, operate and maintain your new device – you’re wearing it in just minutes!
Product Features
Simply Soft smarttouch 01
Simply Soft offers comfort and sound quality
The Simply Soft Smart Touch is designed for those with mild-to-moderate flat hearing loss. For individuals that have a high-frequency (treble) hearing loss but also need assistance in the lower frequencies (bass) as well. It utilizes advanced technology that offers clean amplification for any situation you encounter. That technology incorporates sophisticated 100% digital processing to optimize sound clarity in a wide range of listening situations.
Simply Soft Smart Touch discreetly and comfortably fits in the ear for both men and women. The ultra-soft body provides a comfortable, secure fit and accentuates the superior sound quality. It slips into your ear creating an acoustical seal that helps to eliminate annoying feedback. Due to its soft nature, Simply Soft constantly flexes inside the ear canal rather than shifting with jaw movement. There’s no need to constantly reposition the device while chewing or talking. The patented soft silicone design is 100% hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for sensitive ears.


– Words from our Technicians –

“The Simply Soft Smart Touch hearing aid is a professional hearing aid manufactured in the United States under FDA standards often retailing for $2,000 each. The reason the device is less expensive is because the product is not custom programmed to your specific hearing loss. Building custom hearing aids since 1984 and looking at thousands of hearing test we developed a sound shape for an average mild-to-moderate flat hearing loss. For people that need help with all sounds. This device is not intended for people with a severe loss. These hearing aids offer significant BENEFIT by providing high fidelity sound amplification; however, they have minimal COST. Significant BENEFIT with minimal COST results in VALUE to the user. With a 90-day 100% money back trial period there is nothing to lose, but your hearing to gain.
Simply Soft smarttouch 02Why Smart Touch
Smart Touch not only refers to the advanced circuitry, but also to the ease of use. With just a quick press of the memory select button, you can choose from one of four pre-programmed volume levels to provide optimum listening quality for different environments.
Simply Soft Technology
The mini size of the Simply Soft Smart Touch easily slips into your ear canal. The comfort and flexibility of the soft body allows for extended wear time. The advanced active feedback management eliminates annoying feedback or whistling noise that is a common side effect with hearing aids. The Simply Soft Smart Touch device features a premium No-Wax filter system to ensure superior performance and Low Bat – an automatic alerting system that provides an audible beep when the device battery is low. If you are new to hearing devices, our very simple quick-start DVD demonstrates how to wear, operate and maintain your new device – you’re be wearing it in just minutes! Small mini-canal design for the ultimate in cosmetic appeal.

  • Simply Soft Features
    • Advanced Digital Technology provides natural sound throughout the entire hearing spectrum.
    • Active Feedback manager helps reduce annoying feedback or whistling common in most hearing aids.
    • Equipped with an easy to use push-button to control the volume level of the device.
    • Patented SoftEar soft silicone body offers relaxed comfort and flexibility for extended wear.
    • 100 % hypoallergenic medical grade silicone body for sensitive ears.
    • Premium NoWax filter system with easy to replace filters.
    • Smart Touch is laboratory preprogrammed by an audiologist.
    • Ideal for men and women
    • LowBat warning “beeps” to alert you that the battery needs to be replaced.
    • Uses size #10 hearing aid battery
    • 1 year warranty coverage – Made in the USA
    • Free unlimited customer support hotline to answer any questions about your device

simplicity smart touch 04In The Box
Everything You Need To Start Hearing

    • Simply Soft Smart Touch device
    • Deluxe zippered travel pouch
    • Quick-start DVD
    • Cleaning tool
    • Premium size #10 hearing aid battery
    • No-Wax replacement filters
    • User instructional brochure
    • Toll-free customer support hotline

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