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Remedy Phytoplex Products

by Jeff Dailey
Remedy Phytoplex Products

Remedy Phytoplex Products


Clinical Skin Care. Nurturing Botanicals.

Cleanse, moisturize, protect and treat skin with Medline Remedy® Phytoplex™. This unique sensitive skin formula uses plant-based ingredients and no perfumes or dyes to nourish, moisturize and soothe the skin.

  • Innovative blend of plant-based ingredients: soy, blue-green algae, green tea and clove
  • Formulated without aloe, parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Ingredients are California Prop 65 compliant.
  • Mix and match gentle cleansers, soothing moisturizers, proven protectants and targeted treatments

Clinical Support

Hydrating Cleansing Foam, Gel or Spray
Phytoplex™ cleansers work with phospholipids to gently lift away dirt and oils without stripping the skin dry.¹ The proprietary blend of botanicals nourishes and soothes the skin.

  • Tear-free, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing
  • Can be used on intact, irritated or denuded skin
  • Strong enough for removing barrier pastes and creams, blood and fecal material
  • Dermatologist and pediatrician tested

Nourishing Skin Cream and Hydraguard® Skin Cream
Phytoplex™ moisturizers provide exceptional nutrition, emollients, vitamins and hydration to help restore sensitive skin’s natural moisture balance and barrier properties.

  • Soothes sensitive skin with green tea and clove flower extract
  • Long-lasting, breathable formulas with no greasy residue
  • Hydraguard silicone-rich formulation creates a breathable, water-resistant film over skin to help resist moisture loss
  • Nourishing skin cream is now thicker and creamier to add more emollients back to your dry skin

Z-Guard® Skin Protectant Paste
Phytoplex™ Z-Guard skin protectant uses purified white petrolatum to guard the skin from urine, feces and other environmental irritants.

  • Helps treat and prevent diaper rash caused from wetness, urine and/or stool
  • White petrolatum-based formulation sticks on intact, irritated or denuded skin
  • Temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked skin
  • Temporarily protects minor cuts and scrapes

Antifungal Ointment and Powder
Phytoplex™ Antifungal Clear ointment uses miconozole nitrate 2.0% to treat superficial mycoses or skin infections caused by fungal organisms.

  • Helps relieve itching, cracking, scaling and discomfort
  • Petrolatum-base ointment with CMC to help adhere to wet or damp skin
  • Creates clear shield to allow for easy monitoring
  • The powder is talc-free and stays in place for extended periods of time
  • Recommended for skin folds, feet, socks and shoes


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