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Product Guides – Depends

by Kimberly Johnson

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Do you have specific products for Men and Women, or are they unisex?
We make both kinds of Depend® Brand products. Because men and women have different needs, we have designed some products specifically for each gender, and some that can be used by both men and women. Use our product finder to find the best product for your needs.
How are DEPEND® Brand products made?
Depend® Brand products feature a thin, absorbent pad made of super absorbent polymers (SAP) that draws wetness in, away from the skin. All are latex-free and contain no lotions or fragrances.
How do you dispose of DEPEND® Brand products?
Depend® Brand products were designed to be used once and then discarded in a trash bag or other waste container. Please do not flush. If you need to discard your used Depend® product on the go, here are a few helpful hints:

  • Keep a spare in your purse. Use your purse to carry a change into a public restroom and discreetly dispose of it in the wastebasket.
  • Keep plastic bags on hand for disposal. Get the darker blue kind to mask what’s inside if you need to toss it out in public. You’ll be able to find these bags, or special deodorized disposal bags, in most stores or online.

Do you make an absorbent product for the pool?
No, unfortunately, we don’t have products for the pool at this time.
How often should I change my DEPEND® Brand product?
That depends on you and the extent of your condition. However, Depend® Brand products use more super absorbent polymers (SAP) to ensure they can withstand multiple wettings of varying amounts. This means you don’t have to change them as often as less-expensive, non-premium brands.
Are DEPEND® Brand products washable?
No. While Depend® Brand products are made to withstand multiple wettings of varying amounts during one wearing, they are designed for single use only. They should be disposed of after each use and should not be washed and worn a second time.
What product do you recommend for bowel incontinence?
We recommend Depend® Adjustable Underwear. It offers maximum absorbency, worry-free odor control and it’s designed to be changed two ways. Step in and out of it like regular underwear or open the side perforations for easy changing without having to remove pants and shoes.
Which Depend® products should I use for IBS?
For mild IBS, try Depend® for Women Underwear, which will offer maximum protection in a pull-on style, just like regular underwear. For more pronounced IBS symptoms, Depend® Protection with Tabs offers maximum absorbency with side barriers to protect against leakage, and six EasyGrip™ Tabs for discreet, easy removal.

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