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Prevent Someone from Stealing Your Wallet

by Rod Spurgeon
5 Phases of a Scammer's Attack

Recently, a woman enjoyed lunch with her friends at a popular café when the unthinkable happened. A brazen thief darted past her table, snatching her wallet off its surface as he bolted for the exit. Prevent Someone from Stealing Your Wallet
In a panic, the woman screamed for help, pointing to the man who had just taken her wallet. Another patron of the café heard the woman’s plea for help and jumped up from his table to give chase. Prevent Someone from Stealing Your Wallet
Hot on the heels of the thief, the Good Samaritan managed to catch up to the scoundrel just as he tossed the wallet in his vehicle and closed the door. Seeing the café patron approaching his car, the thief locked the door, preventing his pursuer from opening it.
Undeterred, the patron balled his fist in anger and thrust it as hard as he could at the window. The glass immediately exploded in a shower of shards. Focused on the imminent threat of capture, the thief started the ignition. When his car roared to life, he jammed the accelerator to the floor and fled the scene.
The patron’s hand suffered severe injuries when he slammed it into the window, and it needed prompt medical attention. The woman never recovered her wallet.
Thieves look for opportunities to steal whenever, and wherever they see them. Broad daylight in a crowded location won’t prevent crooks from practicing their trade, and it shouldn’t cause you to lower your guard.
Never leave your wallet in an open, visible area at a restaurant where a thief can easily steal it. Instead, keep it out of sight in a pocket, in a jacket, on your lap, or other hidden location. Don’t let a thief who may be watching know where to find your wallet by extracting it before it’s time to pay. This will limit the opportunity for a thief to take it from your possession and allow you the chance to enjoy your meal without having to spend time filing a police report, canceling your credit cards, and ordering a new driver’s license afterward.

Prevent Someone from Stealing Your Wallet

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